Rachel Bilson Cracks a joke she misses ex-boyfriend Bill Hader’s ‘big d–k’

Rachel Bilson Cracks a joke

Not being reserved! In her reflections on her relationship with Bill Hader, Rachel Bilson said that she misses one particular aspect of him very much. His massive d-k

“We can hold onto that. And cut, let’s go on,” the 40-year-old actress joked on the edition of her “Broad Ideas” podcast that featured Tommy Dorfman on Monday, August 15. Dorfman asked Rachel what she missed most about her ex, and the NSFW response was her response.

The Barry star, 44, and The O.C. alum have not spoken about their prior relationship, although Rachel provided some insight into the aftermath of their breakup in a different “Broad Ideas” episode that aired on June 6. When they split up, Rachel explained that the ongoing coronavirus epidemic prevented her from leaving her residence, so she had no choice but to “sit in it, deal with it, and feel” the breakup.

She continued, “It was perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” More difficult than childbirth. You can emerge from it and say, “OK, I did that, and I’m ready for the next thing,” if you truly face it.

When Bill and Rachel walked the red carpet together at the 2020 Golden Globes, they made their low-key relationship public for the first time since it originally ignited romance rumors in late 2019. However, their relationship didn’t continue long because Us Weekly announced their breakup in June 2020.

After dating Hayden Christensen for ten years in the public eye, Rachel’s brief engagement with Bill marked her return to dating in the spotlight. The ex-couples, who have a 7-year-old daughter named Briar Rose together, divorced in October 2017.

Rachel Bilson

The Jumper actress told People in July 2021 that communication and simply being on the same page are essential for co-parenting with her ex. “Everything will work out as long as you put the child first.”

Following her and Bill’s breakup, Rachel continued to keep her dating life a secret, but the Saturday Night Live star has since moved on with Anna Kendrick. A source told People that the comedian and Pitch Perfect actor had been dating “quietly for over a year” when the relationship became public knowledge in January.

In February, a different insider disclosed to Us Weekly that Bill and Anna are a fairly typical couple.

“Bill and Anna got along immediately. They like each other’s sense of humor, the source said at the time, adding that the couple prefers to “glide under the radar and enjoy the simple things” rather than engaging in overly flashy activities.