President Biden Issues Statement On Nex Benedict Death Ruled As Suicide!

President Biden Statement On Nex Benedict Death
President Biden Statement On Nex Benedict Death

In a poignant declaration addressing the tragic passing of LGBTQ teenager Nex Benedict, President Biden has illuminated the pressing issue of the suicide crisis within the community. As the nation mourns the loss of yet another young life, Biden’s statement not only underscores the urgency of addressing mental health challenges but also amplifies the call for concerted efforts to support and protect LGBTQ youth across the country.

President Biden’s Statement On Nex Benedict’s Death

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden made a comment about the death of transgender Oklahoma teen Nex Benedict. Benedict died on February 8, one day after a fight at Owasso High School. His death was ruled a suicide.

Biden said in a statement, “Jill and I are heartbroken by the recent loss of Nex Benedict. Every young person deserves to have the fundamental right and freedom to be who they are, and feel safe and supported at school and in their communities. Nex Benedict, a kid who just wanted to be accepted, should still be here with us today.”

Biden said in honor of Nex, “We must all recommit to our work to end discrimination and address the suicide crisis that affects too many nonbinary and transgender children.”

Biden, who has recently signed protections for same-s*x marriages continued, “Bullying is hurtful and cruel, and no one should face the bullying that Nex did. Parents and schools must take reports of bullying seriously. My prayers are with Nex’s family, friends, and all who loved them — and to all LGBTQI+ Americans for whom this tragedy feels so personal, know this: I will always have your back.”

President Biden's Statement On Nex Benedict's Death
President Biden’s Statement On Nex Benedict’s Death

At the end of his message, the president told LGBTQ youth that they can call or text 988, the National Crisis Hotline, and press “3” to talk to a psychologist who has been trained to help LGBTQ youth.

What Did Nex Benedict Do to Die?

Friends and family say Nex was transgender and used ‘he’ and ‘they’ names. On February 7, Nex got into a fight at Owasso High School’s West Campus. Nex told the cops that three students “jumped” him after he hit them with water because they didn’t like how he and his friend were dressed. Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, said that Nex had told her he was being picked on because of his gender identity.

According to a recording of the 911 call that the Owasso Police Department shared last month, Sue Benedict called 911 on February 8 and told the operator that Nex’s hands were posturing. Posturing is an uncontrollable movement that can be a sign of abnormal brain activity.

She also said that the teen’s eyes were rolled behind and his breathing was fast. She was afraid that the fight at school had hurt his brain. Nex was taken to St. Francis Children’s Hospital, where doctors said he was dead.

A report from the Oklahoma medical examiner’s office on Wednesday said Nex probably killed himself because of the “combined toxicity” of two drugs, one of which can be bought over the counter and the other with a prescription. The medical examiner’s office says the full report will be made public on March 27.

According to studies, LGBTQ kids have a higher-than-average chance of committing suicide. The Trevor Project, an organization that works to prevent and respond to LGBTQ youth suicide, surveyed about 28,000 LGBTQ youth in 2022. More than 40% of those ages 13 to 24 said they had seriously thought about attempting suicide in the past year.

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