World’s Oldest Dog “Pebbles” Dies At Age 22

pebble the dog death
pebble the dog death

The oldest dog in the world, Pebbles, passed away.

According to the dog’s owners, the 22-year-old toy fox terrier from South Carolina passed away on Monday from natural causes.

She was a once-in-a-lifetime friend, and it was an honor for us to have had her as a pet and a member of the family, according to the statement.

The family reported that Pebbles passed away five months before her 23rd birthday.

After Pebbles’ owners Bobby and Julie Gregory found their dog was older than the previous record-holder, a 21-year-old chihuahua named TobyKeith, Guinness World Records announced Pebbles as the world’s oldest dog in May.

Julie Gregory told Guinness World Records at the time, “Bobby was sitting on the couch and friends and relatives started texting and calling about a story they heard about a 21-year-old dog getting the record.”
For the record, “I applied when I saw Toby Keith’s tale all over the news.”

Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000, and the Gregorys adopted him the following year. The couple was looking for a large breed dog, but according to Julie Gregory, “Bobby had no choice but to pick her up and check her out since she was jumping and barking so much at him. The moment the two met, they fell in love right away.

The Gregorys reported that Pebbles enjoyed listening to country music, with a preference for Conway Twitty and Dwight Yoakam. According to her relatives, Pebbles also loved eating new meals and getting special treatment.

She gave birth to 32 puppies with her partner Rocky, who passed away in 2016.

Pebbles received a dish of ribs and a bubble bath for her previous birthday from the family.

“Pebbles never met a person who didn’t adore her. The family expressed how much they would miss her.

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