Patrick Mahomes Experiences An Awkward Moment After Refusing An Autograph To A Child

Patrick Mahomes Autograph
Patrick Mahomes Autograph

Patrick Mahomes refused a kid’s autograph request, and the moment was agonizing to witness.

A video surfaced Wednesday on Twitter of the Kansas City Chiefs QB at the American Century Championship last week, and a little kid wanted Mahomes to jot down his signature for him. However, Mahomes said he couldn’t do it because he couldn’t sign for one kid and not the other 99 around.

“Can’t sign for everyone … can’t make everybody happy,” Mahomes told the boy and his father. Well, the dad didn’t get the message because he fired back with, “Yeah, you can … you can just make one kid happy out of a hundred.”

From there, it just got more and more awkward during the short exchange.

Patrick Mahomes Denies Autograph Request

Part of the problem, it seemed, was Mahomes being a little too generous with his autographs prior to his moment being filmed.

“They told me I can’t do anymore … I was signing stuff, and they said I was taking too long,” told fans who wanted autographs at the event, according to Fox News.

In Mahomes’ perspective, once it was shut down, it was shut down for good. If everyone couldn’t have one, then nobody could….or so the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback reasoned.

More importantly, an answer was provided, which should have been the end of the matter. Not only was an answer provided, but it was accompanied by a fair explanation.

He couldn’t just sign for one kid and ignore the rest. Now, whether you believe that or not is a different matter. However, that is a *reasonable* explanation, especially considering the circumstances in which he was instructed to stop signing autographs earlier.

Patrick Mahomes Autograph

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There are numerous cases of athletes disrespectfully dismissing fans. Was this considered disrespectful? No, I don’t believe so. He politely declined and explained why. The father then kept the ball rolling. Dude, just give up. It’s a golf tournament. It is not an autograph session.

Which side do you support? The rational opinion appears to be that there are no actual villains here, but dragging Mahomes seems pointless.

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