Olivia Newton-john: Tributes To Grease Star And Singer Who Died At The Age Of 73

Olivia Newton-john

The Australian singer and “Grease” star Olivia Newton-John passed away on Monday at her ranch in Southern California at the age of 73. Celebrities from Hollywood joined fans from all around the world in mourning her death.

Fans in Los Angeles laid flowers on Hollywood icon Olivia Newton-Hollywood John’s star while coworkers posted memories and condolences on social media.

Newton-love John’s interest in “Grease,” John Travolta, shared a touching Instagram tribute. He wrote, “My lovely Olivia, you improved all of our lives so tremendously.” “Your influence was tremendous. I adore you a lot.”

In an interview with the Today Show on CNN station 9, another of her “Grease” co-stars, Barry Pearl, who portrayed T-Bird Doody, sobbed as he remembered his friend.

When discussing who she is and what she did, Pearl remarked, “Everything seems so cliché, but it is so because it’s so profoundly real… a heart that was so giving and kind.”

Flowers are left at the Hollywood Walk of Fame star honoring the late actress Olivia Newton-John in Los Angeles, California.

When asked how he would remember the actress from “Grease,” casting director Joel Thurm broke down in tears and said she was “lovely, totally wonderful, and kind to everyone.”

The loss of Newton-John is being felt particularly keenly in Australia, where she was born and raised. She was born in England, relocated to Melbourne, Australia, with her family when she was 5 and began performing on local pop music shows as a teenager.

Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, referred to Newton-John as “a huge part of the Australian soundtrack” in a tweet.

Newton-John, who was named a dame by the Queen in 2019 for her contributions to charity and cancer research, was credited by Australia House in London with bringing Britons and Australians together. The official account tweeted, “Dame Olivia inspired us in song and brought us together as one.”

Flowers have been left at the Hollywood Walk of Fame star in Los Angeles, California, honoring the late actress Olivia Newton-John.

Joel Thurm, the casting director, sobbed when asked how he would remember the “Grease” actress, describing her as “beautiful, utterly great, and kind to everyone.”

In Australia, where Newton-John was born and nurtured, her loss is being felt particularly hard. She was born in England, moved with her family to Melbourne, Australia, when she was five years old, and started playing on regional pop music shows when she was a teenager.

In a tweet, Australia’s prime minister Anthony Albanese described to Newton-John as “a big part of the Australian soundtrack.”

Australia House in London hailed Newton-John for bringing Britons and Australians together. Newton-John was appointed a dame by the Queen in 2019 for her charitable work and contributions to cancer research. “Dame Olivia inspired us in song and brought us together as one,” the official account tweeted.

Newton-John, who co-starred with Marlee Matlin in the 1996 film “It’s My Party,” received praise on Twitter from the Oscar-winning actress. “The news of Olivia Newton John’s passing makes me feel incredibly sorry. When I first met her at my first Paramount party in Hollywood, I remember being so starstruck. I adored getting to know her on “It’s My Party,” where she was the nicest and brightest light. RIP, darling, dear Olivia “Matlin composed.

Newton-John was referred to as “one of the loveliest ladies” by Dionne Warwick, who had the pleasure of recording and performing with her in a duet in 2006. The Heavenly Choir now includes another beautiful voice, she continued.

Mark Hamill, a Star Wars actor, wrote, “She had an infectious sense of enthusiasm that permeated everything she did. Both she and we adored her. #RIP OliviaNewtonJohn.”

Sandy was portrayed by Julianne Hough in the 2016 TV reimagining “Grease Live!,” and uploaded some images of Newton-John and herself to Instagram with the caption, “Like so many, Olivia has always been my hero. Although I first became aware of her mesmerizing talent as an actress and artist, it was her heart that genuinely captivated my attention. A legend and a symbol forever!”

Following an interview about Newton-cancer John’s diagnosis in 2019, Oprah Winfrey recalled: “a spontaneous meal” she arranged. Oprah said in the article that “her positivity was really infectious.”

On “Glee,” Jane Lynch sang the hit song “Physical” by Newton-John. Jane Lynch simply tweeted, “ONJ. Angel.”

Newton-John served as a guest judge on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2015. The show tweeted an image from that episode “Let Olivia Newton-John rest in peace. We appreciate you showing off your talent and enlightening us all.”

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