Are Austen Kroll And Olivia Flowers Dating? Everything You Need To Know About The New Cast Of Southern Charm

_Austen And Olivia Flowers Dating

Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll may not have been a part of Southern Charm’s founding cast, but something about him gives the impression that he has been there a very long time. Having said that, Austen hasn’t always found it simple to acclimate to her new role as a reality TV star.

Austen’s personal and professional lives have experienced many ups and downs since he joined the show for season four. But despite everything, he appears to be having fun. It will be intriguing to watch what kind of events transpire in Austen’s life this time around, now that the show has returned for a new season.

Olivia Flowers

One of the new cast members of Southern Charm season 8 is Olivia Flowers, and thanks to some excellent Instagram postings, fans can discover all about her opulent life before the show’s launch. This season, the newbie is certain to encounter more turmoil, particularly as her new boyfriend Austen Kroll manages his ex-engagement. girlfriend’s From 2018 until 2020, Austen and Madison LeCroy had a sporadic relationship. Madison has since found love, and Austen is making an effort to move on with Olivia.

Olivia was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where she was born. She was exercising in Los Angeles when the pandemic began, but she eventually moved back to her hometown. Leva Bonaparte, a season 7 addition, and Olivia are close friends, which should answer any questions about how Olivia fits in with the Southern Charm crew. Austen, a fellow cast member, got into Olivia’s DMs and the two started dating.

Are Austen Kroll And Olivia Flowers Dating?

The most recent Southern Charm season featured dates between Austen and Olivia. Many have questioned whether the two are still dating since their relationship started. As a result of Olivia’s new statement jewelry, speculation increased.

Although Olivia stated she couldn’t defend Austen for having two random girls sleep in his bed while he was still in a relationship with Madison LeCroy during her WWHL debut, she did defend him for being called a Range Rover.

Oliver Flowers and Austen Kroll

On Southern Charm, Austen and Olivia have gone on multiple dates. This entails both a group date and one-on-one time, but it hasn’t been without problems. For instance, Austen was furious when Olivia invited his ex Madison to her party.

She also called him out after complaining that she felt Madison was the subject of all their chats. Olivia recently disclosed Madison had been texting Austen late at night during her appearance on WWHL.

Austen was shocked to find Olivia with the new man she had been fixed up with when they arrived at the event. She’s really cool, he earlier told Craig. She’s also laid back. She is also composed.

Rumors are sparked by Olivia’s ring on WWHL.

On August 4, Olivia and Kathryn Dennis both made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She defended Austen on multiple occasions, and it’s assumed that they are either in a relationship or at the very least close friends.

The ring on her finger was the only piece of jewelry that the onlookers noticed, though. Many admirers believed she was trying to conceal the ring, but it was difficult because the diamond sparkled in every light!

Since then, followers of Southern Charm believe Olivia is engaged. Everyone is completely perplexed since she hasn’t said whether she’s still seeing Austen or even if she’s been proposed to.

Olivia and Austen have been approached by Reality Titbit for a response.

The Diamond Ring Olivia wore

Olivia’s sparkling bracelet, rings, and necklace on WWHL were created by Nicole Rose Jewelry. The jewelry designer left a “wonderful” comment on Olivia’s Instagram picture about her time on the show.

Nicole received a reply from a makeup artist who said she “liked seeing her jewels again” and promised to “see her at the reunion.” This implies that Olivia was advertising the jewelry and that it will surface once more soon.


“I was wondering if she was wearing Nicole Rose last night,” wrote one of Nicole’s fans. She was wearing a stunning diamond ring. The designer’s diamond stacking rings currently range in price from $350 to $2,600.

Some FAQs Austen Kroll And Olivia Flowers Dating

Who is a Southern Charm dater?
After they had worked together on Winter House earlier that year, Us revealed two months later that Conover was dating Paige DeSorbo, the star of Summer House. An informant revealed that “their friendship blossomed into a partnership as they’ve spent more time together in recent weeks.”

Does Austen Kroll have a romantic partner?

In advance of Southern Charm season 8, Austen Kroll and his girlfriend Olivia Flowers are prepared to publicly display their relationship. The relationship between Austen, 34, and Olivia was exclusively confirmed to Us Weekly on Monday, May 16, just hours after Bravo unveiled the first image from the forthcoming season of the Charleston-based show.


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