Mackenzie Scott Has Finalised Her Divorce From Her Second Husband

mackenzie scott divorce

Tmz said that the divorce between Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife Mackenzie Scott and her second husband, Seattle school teacher Dan Jewett, is now final. The judge recently signed off on her divorce in Washington State, making the split official.

People Magazine has papers that show Scott and Jewett have signed a separation agreement that says how their assets and debts will be divided. No request for support from the other person was made.

Documents signed by a judge in the state of Washington on January 4 showed that the 52-year-old philanthropist and Dan Jewett were getting a divorce.

The news source says that the philanthropist got a divorce from her second husband at the end of September 2022, more than a year after they got married in March 2021.

Before that happened, in 2019, Scott and her first husband, Jeff Bezos, said that their 25-year marriage was over. In July of the same year, their divorce was finally over.

Scott is a writer and the third-richest woman in the United States. She has been married to Bezos for almost 25 years and has four children with him. The New York Post says that when she left Bezos, she had a jaw-dropping $38.3 billion in Amazon stock.

Their divorce settlement gave each of them 4%, or 19.7 million shares, of the online retail giant. According to the agreement, Bezos kept 75% of the couple’s Amazon stock and had the right to vote on her shares.

Scott promised to give more than half of her income to charity, according to her website, Since then, she has given at least $14 billion to 16,000 charities.

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