Long Island Boat Accident: Married Couple Killed in Great South Bay Boat Crash

Long Island Boat Accident
Long Island Boat Accident

A watercraft accident in Great South Bay on September 3rd killed a Long Island couple. According to CBS, the couple has been identified as Louis Deritis, 53, and Renee Deritis, 50. The circumstances surrounding the crash are currently being investigated by police. The prospect of foul play has not been considered by officials.

The Great South Bay crash was most likely caused by a collision between the Deritis’ yacht and a fishing boat, according to ABC. While Renee Deritis was confirmed dead at the site, the body of Louis Deritis was discovered on Monday morning. There were no additional reported injuries in the incident.

The Fishing Boat Operator in the Great South Bay Collision Will Not Be Charged

The Deritis family was on a 27-foot boat on the Great South Bay on Sunday morning. The boat also had four additional people, including the 61-year-old operator, Ferdinand Caravousanos.

Long Island Boat Accident

The Deritis’ boat collided with a fishing boat around 10 a.m., causing the former to capsize. Louis Deritis’ body was violently hurled into the ocean during the ensuing turmoil. A diver, on the other hand, discovered Renee Deritis dead in the cabin.

Here is a tweet about the Fatal Boat crash in the Great South Bay.

Bay Shore Fire Department Chief Roy Ekelund Jr detailed the divers’ efforts to locate the bodies:

“Another call came in that there was a boat overturned with no one in the water, so we assumed somebody was trapped in the boat. The second diver was able to locate the female victim underneath the boat in the cabin. It is terrible. Middle of the night.”

Suffolk County Police Deputy Chief William Scrima theorized about the tragedy in an interview with CBS. He also stated that no illegal substances were involved and that he does not anticipate any criminal charges being filed against the boat operators.

Long Island Boat Accident

Chief Scrima elaborated:

“The smaller vessel, where the victims were headed eastbound initially and for an unexplained reason abruptly turned in a northerly direction in front of the larger boat. The larger vessel pulled the throttle back, but the momentum caused the collision.”

The search for Louis Deritis’ body was apparently hindered by weather in the Great South Bay area on Sunday night. A diver attempted to search in the area near the crash, but was forced back by the tide, according to officials. The search was eventually renewed on Monday, leading to the finding of the 53-year-old victim’s body.

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