Kanye West Mocks Hailey Bieber And Asks Justin If He’s ‘Cancelled Again’

Kanye West trolls Hailey Bieber, asks Justin if he’s ‘canceled again’
Kanye West trolls Hailey Bieber, asks Justin if he’s ‘canceled again’

Getting the pot going. Hailey Bieber, whose real name is Hailey Baldwin, spoke out in support of Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, a fashion editor at Vogue. Kanye West chose to respond by bringing in her husband, Justin Bieber.

“Wait, did they cancel me again?!” West, 45, put a caption on an Instagram picture of an article about Hailey’s response on Wednesday, October 5. “Justin Bieber, tell me what you think.”

When he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to Paris Fashion Week earlier this week, some people didn’t like it. Kareefa-Johnson questioned the decision on social media after the runway show for his Yeezy clothing line, where models also showed off the shirts.

“It’s become clear that some viewers think my previous post with my working, changing thoughts on Kanye’s show was some kind of twisted justification for the incredibly irresponsible and dangerous act of sending ‘W*** Lives Matter’ T-shirts down a runway,” she wrote in a long Instagram Story on Monday, October 3. “Please know that it wasn’t,” she said.

Karefa-Johnson went on: “The t-shirts that this man came up with, made, and gave to the world are nothing but violence. There is no reason, and this is not art. I’m sorry I didn’t explain that well enough; I thought I did.

If you asked Kanye, I think he’d say that shirt had art, revolution, and everything else. Not really. Let’s be kind to each other as we deal with the trauma of this moment, especially those of us who were in that room.

West, on the other hand, responded to the criticism by reposting pictures of Karefa-Johnson and making fun of her looks. On social media, stars like Gigi Hadid and Hailey, 25, came to the writer’s defense.

“GKJ ALL DAY, EVERY DAY,” the Rhode founder, who got married to Justin, 28, in 2018, wrote on Tuesday, October 4, next to an Instagram photo of Karefa-Johnson. “I admire you very much, my friend! To know you is to love you, and it’s an honor to work with you. The most helpful. The most skillful. Most enjoyable. The coolest.”

In the middle of all the trouble, Vogue put out a statement showing that they stood by their employee.

“Vogue stands with Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who has been a longtime contributor and our global fashion editor at large. She was singled out and picked on. It’s not okay,” the publication said in a statement that was posted on Instagram and Twitter on Monday.

“Voices like hers are needed more than ever, and in a private meeting with Ye today, she spoke her truth again in the way she thought was best, on her terms.”

Later, the musician confirmed that he had privately apologized to the stylist by writing on Instagram, “Gab is my sister. I won’t let people go to sleep thinking that I didn’t meet with Gabrielle at 5 p.m. today for two hours and then go to dinner at Ferdie.”

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