Kansas Manager Of Olive Garden Fired After A Time-off Rant

A Kansas Olive Garden manager lost her job because she told her staff that they should look for other jobs if they needed time off.

If someone calls out, the restaurant management tells the staff in writing, “you might as well go out and search for another work,” According to KCTV5, which obtained a copy of the message.

“If you’re sick, you need to come to prove it to us; if your dog dies, you need to bring him in and prove it to us.”  said the manager, who has since been fired.

The team leader said management was tired of how much time employees took off because of a lack of workers.

In an online post that quickly went viral, a restaurant manager in Overland Park said that staff members were missing work at a shocking rate.

The manager praised her work ethic in a letter, saying that she had worked even when she was sick and once after an accident that destroyed her car.

At the end of the message, the boss thanked staff members who came to work on time and said, “I wish there were more like you. I hope you choose to continue working here, and I think we make it as simple as we can on y’all.”

Olive Garden sign

Local news station KCTV said that the casual Italian restaurant chain had fired the manager by Tuesday. “When you’re here, you’re family” is the chain’s slogan.

According to an Olive Garden spokesman, the manager’s remarks “were not consistent with [the] company’s principles.”

 “We work hard to give our team members a caring and respectful work environment. We can confirm that this manager and I have parted ways.”  the representative said.

The letter from the fired manager caused a big fuss online. The Twitter account F*ck You I Quit, which talks about abuse at work, posted a response to the note that was widely shared.

On Wednesday, the account said, “These power-tripping people are unreal. Who would not pause before sending something like this?”

When the Olive Garden manager met his demise, it showed that workers in the US were getting less willing to work for bad employers.

According to estimates from the McKinsey consulting firm, up to 40% of US employees are ready to leave their jobs. This is partly because the coronavirus pandemic has given people more options, so they don’t have to deal with abusive bosses.

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