If The Case Gets To Trial, The Murder Suspect Will Be Exonerated, According To Kaitlin Armstrong’s Attorney

kaitlin armstrong
kaitlin armstrong

According to defense attorney Rick Cofer, Kaitlin Armstrong, who is accused of first-degree murder in the death of beloved pro cyclist Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, will be found not guilty.

On September 16, Cofer appeared on NBC’s two-hour Dateline special, stating that he not only expects his client to be found not guilty of murder but that the government’s own evidence will acquit her.

“The precise time Miss Wilson was shot will be established as undisputed fact. That evidence will be revealed. And the evidence will emerge indicating that Kaitlin Armstrong was not present at the time of Miss Wilson’s murder “he claims

“A significant wrong was committed here. The murderer must be brought to justice. Kaitlin Armstrong, on the other hand, is not guilty.”

August 24: According to Dallas Fort Worth’s NBC station, Armstrong’s trial date, which was originally scheduled for mid-October, is likely to be postponed as the prosecution and defense met with the judge to discuss a flurry of motions filed by the defense, including one that would prohibit the prosecution from making public comments before the trial. According to NBC, both the prosecutors and Armstrong’s attorney, Rick Cofer, have agreed to the gag order, which would prevent “prejudiced” media comments. The judge is likely to grant the order.

August 18: According to the Austin Chronicle, Armstrong’s attorneys filed a 178-page motion addressing specific points in the lengthy affidavits, alleging that the affidavit was full of “lies, mischaracterizations, and reckless disregard for the truth.” Her lawyers also claim that the evidence supporting Armstrong’s guilt is flawed—you can read some excerpts from police interviews in the Chronicle article to see where the lawyers disagree with certain claims. They do not, however, deny that Armstrong did, in fact, flee the country under a false identity. District Judge Brenda Kennedy has scheduled a hearing on the validity of these motions for August 24.

July 20: Armstrong pleaded not guilty in her first court appearance on July 20, according to CBS Austin. Armstrong also exercised her right to a speedy trial, and her attorneys stated that she is prepared to go to trial right now. However, prosecutors claimed that they had not yet received all of the case’s evidence. On October 24, the trial and jury selection will begin. According to Fox News, after the hearing, Armstrong’s lawyer, Rick Cofer, hinted that “there are other sides to the story.”

July 4: Armstrong is returned to the United States on July 4 in the custody of US Marshals. ABC13 posted a video of Armstrong, who has dyed brown hair, being escorted out of Houston’s George Bush International Airport by police. Her bail has been set at 3.5 million dollars, according to court records obtained by Fox News.

July 1: Armstrong is set to be deported to the United States on July 1, according to CNN. According to a spokesperson for Costa Rica’s General Migration Directorate, she was transferred to the Centro de Aprehensión Regional Central, a prison in Los Lagos, on June 30 after being apprehended in Santa Teresa on Wednesday. She is awaiting deportation, which could take up to 30 days.

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