Current Amber Alert: 13-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Safe From Texas!  

Current Amber Alert 13-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Safe
Current Amber Alert 13-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Safe

A 13-year-old girl reported missing in the Houston area on Wednesday has been found safe in another state. The girl wasn’t harmed. Keep reading this post to know what happened with her. Texas Alerts also announced the news of the canceled Amber Alert through Tweet.

 Here is the Tweet from Texas Alert:

What Happened With Her?

Leanna Willis Wasn’t been seen since June 9, when she left the 6500 block of Bell Street around 4 p.m., and hasn’t been seen since. She was last seen getting into a silver Toyota Camry with a Black man she didn’t know.

Current Amber Alert 13-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Safe

At the time when she went missing, The Hitchcock Police Department rolled out Amber Alert.” The AWARE Foundation” Tweeted at the time of her missing.

You can check out their Tweet below:

Another similar case happened when The Collin County Amber Alert was taken down on Tuesday night, June 13, 2023. Recently, 14-year-old Ja’Myra Strawder was found safe and sound in Plano.

Leanna was found at an apartment complex in Kansas City, Missouri, with a guy who is not related to her, according to the Hitchcock police. Leanna is now with the FBI until Hitchcock police can pick her up.

Authorities Came to know that Leanna would talk to grown-up men online through different platforms, and they thought that her disappearance might have something to do with online begging. Police said nothing about the man she was with when they found her.

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