Farewell to a Soap Opera Icon: Remembering Jennifer Leak of ‘Young and the Restless’ at 76

Farewell to a Soap Opera Icon: Remembering Jennifer Leak of 'Young and the Restless' at 76
Farewell to a Soap Opera Icon: Remembering Jennifer Leak of 'Young and the Restless' at 76

Tim Matheson is bidding farewell to his former spouse, Jennifer Leak D’Auria, who passed away on March 18 at the age of 76.

The New York Post’s official Twitter account posted the following:

The star of “Virgin River,” known for his role as Vernon “Doc” Mullins on the popular Netflix series, expressed his grief over the loss of his ex-wife, who was also recognized for her work on “The Young and The Restless.” Taking to his social media platforms, Matheson shared heartfelt sentiments on Wednesday.

“With a heavy heart, I share the news of Jennifer Leak’s passing. She wasn’t just my on-screen sister in ‘Yours, Mine and Ours,’ but also my cherished first wife,” Matheson shared.

Jennifer was an extraordinary woman – strong, graceful, and immensely talented. My deepest sympathies are with her husband of 47 years, James D’Auria, and their wide circle of friends,” he added.


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Following her marriage to James D’Auria, Leak was known by her married name, Jennifer Leak D’Auria. According to an obituary published in The East Hampton Star, she had been battling progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare disease, for the past seven years.

Speaking to the paper, D’Auria described his wife as “reserved and private, never seeking the limelight or craving attention. She reserved those emotions, showcasing them only when in front of the camera, where she shone brightly.”

Leak D’Auria gained prominence with her role in the 1968 film “Yours, Mine and Ours.” Her credits include appearances on popular television series such as “Hawaii Five-0,” “Nero Wolfe,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” as mentioned in her obituary. Additionally, Leak D’Auria graced the NBC daytime soap “Bright Promise,” which her husband noted as her preferred medium of performance.

Jennifer Leak of ‘Young and the Restless’ at 76

She spent three years portraying Gwen Sherman on “The Young and the Restless” and another three-year tenure on “Another World” as Olive Randolph.

Diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, Leak engaged in clinical research programs at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as detailed in her obituary. Her husband revealed that her brain tissue would be donated to the Mayo Clinic for further study. “Her resilience and courage in battling the disease were unparalleled,” her husband remarked.

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