Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant? Speculations Swirl and Fans Await Confirmation

Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant
Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant

Is Cheryl Cole pregnant? Cheryl Cole is feeling sad as her ex-husband, Ashley Cole, prepares to marry someone fresh. The pop singer and the football coach were married from 2006 to 2010, and their marriage was fraught with strife.

Despite reports of infidelity during their marriage, it appears Cheryl may still have emotions for Ashley. He plans to marry 30-year-old Italian model Sharon Canu, with whom he has two children, later this month.

As word spreads about Ashley’s imminent wedding, Cheryl is believed to be reflecting on the good times they had together. However, that is not the only mystery concerning Cheryl Cole; there have been other rumors about her plans for a second kid. In this essay, we’ll look into these rumors and discover the reality behind them.

 Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant?

Cheryl Cole isn’t pregnant. Cheryl Cole previously hosted X Factor and was a member of the group Girls Aloud. She already has a five-year-old kid named Bear, whom she shares with musician Liam Payne.


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After her split with Liam in 2020, she expressed a desire to have another child and considered utilizing a sperm donor. However, things appear to have changed for her.

After the pandemic’s lockdowns and thinking about the age gap between her son and a potential new child, she isn’t sure. She expressed her thoughts to MailOnline, saying:

“I was so hell-bent on having another before because Bear was at that perfect age. I think if you have that couple-year age gap, you can still do things with them together where they’re both engaged and both interested. “

“Now that the pandemic happened in the meantime, and there’s such an age gap, and I’m a bit older. I’m not so sure, honestly. However, the performer admitted she had considered other methods of child rearing including ‘adoption’. “

“I just love babies and children and I’d do anything to help or have another one around but it’s not as prevalent anymore. Also in the process of the pandemic, I looked around at the world and thought this world was a bit crazy. Is it a sensible idea to bring a soul into all of this madness?”

Cheryl Cole’s Current Relationship Plans

As Cheryl approaches her 40th birthday in June, she considers her objectives. While she adores her new career on stage and being a mother to her six-year-old son Bear, she has told pals that she wants to sort out her love life before the big birthday.

Cheryl, who has been married and divorced twice and separated from Bear’s father, Liam Payne, is looking for a mature and meaningful relationship. An individual who is very close to Cheryl recently told Heat World:

“For a long time, she didn’t feel like she had much to offer anyone, and spent years hiding away at home with Bear. But that’s changed now. She spent a lot of her thirties single and wants to find someone to share her life within her forties.”

“She’s getting back out there and finally realizing she’s a total catch. Cheryl understands what she needs in her life, at last, and she’s more sure than ever of the type of partner she’s looking for. No more idiots and no more showbiz types – her new man has to be someone who has depth and brains.”

” It could be a guy who has a creative craft, like a director or producer, but no more performers. She’s been doing her manifesting practice to attract this person and has faith he’ll come along very soon before she turns the big 4-0.”

According to insiders, Cheryl’s increased confidence stems from her recent success on stage. She is now starring in the West End’s ‘2:22 A Ghost Story,’ which has received rave reviews. Cheryl has felt a great sense of satisfaction and excitement since returning to the stage.

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