Is Bronson Reed Wife Pregnant? Welcoming Parenthood as They Prepare for Baby Girl!!

Is Bronson Reed Wife Pregnant
Is Bronson Reed Wife Pregnant

Bronson Reed, the former NXT North American Champion and current WWE superstar, has recently revealed that his wife, Paige, is expecting their first child.

The pair, married since 2016, announced the happy news on social media, alongside photographs of baby outfits and gifts.

Reed also disclosed that they had been trying to conceive for a long time and had completed IVF therapy. Here’s all you need to know about Bronson Reed’s wife, pregnancy, and career.

Who is Bronson Reed’s Wife?

Paige, Bronson Reed’s wife, holds a unique place in his heart and has even made a spectacular visit on WWE television to honor his incredible triumph as North American Champion.

Their relationship is notable in the wrestling industry since Reed publicly acknowledges Paige’s critical role in his success, attributing most of his achievements to her constant support.

This unusual interweaving of personal and professional life has not only endeared the pair to fans but has also resulted in some intriguing interactions in the wrestling world. Reed’s breast tattoo with Paige’s name is a prominent element of their relationship.

Interestingly, Paige shares the same name as a former WWE Superstar, currently known as Saraya, which has piqued interest and occasionally confused the backstage crew.

When is Bronson Reed’s Wife Due?

Bronson Reed’s wife is expected to give birth in March 2024, according to an Instagram post. He also claimed that they are expecting a baby girl and have already decided on a name for her, but are keeping it a secret for now.


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He expressed his joy and appreciation for becoming a father, and he thanked his followers for their love and support. Reed further stated that his wife’s pregnancy was not the reason he did not participate in the WWE Elimination Chamber event, which took place in Perth, Australia, in February 2024.

He stated that he had hoped to wrestle in his home country; however, he did not qualify for the match after losing to Bobby Lashley. He stated that sometimes the stars do not align, but that he will continue to work hard to attain his goals.

What is Bronson Reed’s Career?

Bronson Reed is a professional wrestler who is currently signed with WWE and competes on the Raw brand. He is best known for his time in NXT, where he won the NXT North American Championship in 2023 and had notable feuds with Adam Cole, Karrion Kross, and Damian Priest.

Reed began his wrestling career in 2007 in his native Australia, competing under the ring name Jonah Rock. He worked for several promotions, including Explosive Pro Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling, and Wrestle Rampage.

Bronson Reed’s Career

He also fought in Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah, where he won the GHC Tag Team Championship alongside Mikey Nicholls. He also wrestled in Europe for Progress Wrestling, where he captured the Progress Atlas Championship.

Reed signed with WWE in 2018 and made his debut in NXT in 2019 under his current ring name. He rapidly established himself as a dominant force, thanks to his outstanding stature, strength, and agility. He won his first NXT championship, the NXT North American Championship, in May 2023, defeating Johnny Gargano in a steel cage match. He retained the championship for 105 days before losing it to Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in August 2023.

Reed was selected in the WWE Draft for Raw in October 2023. He debuted on the main roster by attacking Bobby Lashley and challenging him for the WWE championship. He did not win the championship, but he continued to feud with Lashley and other top talents, including Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, and Randy Orton. He is currently one of WWE’s most popular and rising performers, and his future seems bright.

Bronson Reed and his wife, Paige, are a happy and successful couple who are excited to welcome their first child in 2024. They are also encouraging of each other’s jobs, and they frequently express their love and gratitude for one another on social media. They inspire many supporters, who wish them the best in both their personal and professional lives.

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