Golden Retriever Adorable Tantrum Over Leaving Brewery Goes Viral — Watch!

Golden Retrievers Adorable Tantrum
Golden Retrievers Adorable Tantrum

By doing nothing, a golden retriever captured the hearts of passersby. TikTok user Patric.ryan22 posted a video of a lovely puppy resting on its back in the parking lot of Vermont’s Harpoon Brewery. The pet parent in the video, unsure what to do with their obstinate pup, patiently waits out the canine’s antics.

“This pup didn’t want his day at the brewery to end,” the TikTok user captioned the moment.

In the video, the owner of a golden retriever holds on to the dog’s leash while waiting for the dog to get up, eventually pulling out a phone to scroll through while the pet’s tantrum continues. The funny scene is narrated by bystanders capturing the footage.

“He’s like, ‘Well guys, I guess we’re gonna stay here,'” a person says over the video. Another voice adds the dog’s POV, “He does not wanna leave.”

After a while, the owner puts their phone away and walks around before gazing down at the dog, who hasn’t moved an inch and still refuses to leave the brewery.

Golden Retrievers Adorable Tantrum

“He doesn’t know what to do,” one of the bystanders narrates as the dog’s owner tugs on the golden retriever’s harness to get them up and moving. “He’s like, ‘C,mon.’ ‘Alright. Alright,'” the voice continues as the owner finally gets the dog to roll over, get back on its paws, and pull its body up from the ground.

However, this first burst of energy is insufficient to move the pet. Despite the owner’s efforts, the dog sits straight on its paws in the video and refuses to relocate from its parking spot.

“He’s like, ‘I don’t think so bud, My day’s not over yet,'” one of the narrators says as the dog once again plops down on the ground. “And he’s gonna go back on his back,” the other bystander adds.

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The dog’s owner tries, again and again, to convince the golden retriever to move before giving up and taking up the canine. As onlookers chuckle in delight, the pet parent leads the puppy toward the automobiles in the parking lot.

The cheeky golden retriever became an overnight phenomenon, with over 41.6 million views, 4.2 million likes, 188,000 bookmarks, and over 43,000 comments on the TikTok video.

One TikTok user commented, “It’s always a golden retriever,” while another noted, “Golden retrievers seem to do this often.” Another one made light of their location, writing, “I mean If ur not carried out of a winery or brewery did u really have a good time.”

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