Former Korean Female  Group 9 Singer Of Muses Moon Hyuna Reveals Her Pregnancy

Muses Moon Hyuna pregnant

Is Hyuna Pregnant – Hyuna is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and model. Many of her followers want to know if Hyuna is expecting a child. Check out this post to learn whether Hyuna is pregnant or not.

Who is Hyuna?

A rapper, singer, and model from South Korea is known as Hyuna. She made her debut with the female group Wonder Girls in February 2007. Hyuna quit the group shortly after, and she later left JYP Entertainment as well. She later joined Cube Entertainment’s female group 4Minute. On a single music video on YouTube, Hyuna became the first female K-pop soloist to reach 100 million views.

Is Hyuna Expecting?

It appears Hyuna is not currently pregnant. If she was expecting, she must have announced it on her social media accounts, such as Instagram. We may infer that Hyuna is not pregnant because she has not spoken about the pregnancy rumors. Hyuna being pregnant may just be a rumor.

Previously, K-pop girl group Singer 9Muses Hyun Moon Pregnancy

At this time, Hyuna is not pregnant. 4Minute made its debut in June 2009. She later developed into one of the most well-known girl groups in the nation. Hyuna began her solo career in 2010 with a style she described as “performance-oriented music.” “Change,” Hyuna’s solo debut single, peaked at number two on the Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea. Hyuna’s true name is Kim Hyun-ah.

Hyuna Partner

It appears that Hyuna is single. But she revealed to the world on August 2nd, 2018, that she was dating E’Dawn. E’Dawn works for the Pentagon. On February 3rd, 2022, the couple became engaged. She announced this on Instagram after confirming it. After her first extended play Bubble Pop! was released in 2011, Hyuna gained widespread recognition. More than three million digital copies of the title track were purchased. In addition, she and former Beast member Hyunseung established the combo Trouble Maker, under which she later dropped the smash single “Trouble Maker.”

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Hyuna Net Worth

Hyuna has a $12 million net worth. Hyuna was a member of the Pentagon’s Triple H trio in 2017, together with Hui and E’Dawn. Hyuna ended her relationship with Cube Entertainment in 2018 due to a number of internal difficulties and personal problems. The next year, she signed with Psy’s P Nation label. Hyuna’s sixth top-ten entry song on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales was “Flower Shower,” her debut digital release under P Nation. She published I’m Not Cool, her seventh extended play, in 2021.


FAQs about Hyuna

Who is Hyuna?
A rapper, singer, and model from South Korea is known as Hyuna.

What day of the week was Hyuna born?
The date of Hyuna’s birth is June 6, 1992.

What is Hyuna’s age?
Thirty years old is Hyuna.

Where did Hyuna get her start?
Hyuna was born in Seoul, South Korea.

How much money does Hyuna have?
Hyuna has a net worth of $12,000,000 USD.

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