Jenna johnson Pregnancy & Never-ending Struggles of Infertility

Jenna johnson Pregnancy
Jenna johnson Pregnancy

It was just last week when Jenna johnson made emotional announcement of her Pregnancy.

Little did we knew, there was years of struggle behind this as she faced never-ending struggles of infertility ever since she got married to Val Chmerkovskiy (fellow DTWS star) in 2019.

Before I share her struggle to getting a baby bump, let’s take a look at her Instagram post where Jenna Johnson made her pregnancy official.

Days after this announcement, she once again took to Instagram and posted a reel to reveal the first positive pregnancy tests at home, the first sonogram images at the doctor’s office and her years of struggle with Infertility. Here’s the posted Instagram reel:

The 28-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro shared her emotional journey to getting pregnant in the caption of this reel.


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The caption reeds:

“The moment my whole world changed 🥹 We had actually stopped trying to conceive for about 6 months to mentally/emotionally give ourselves a break… so the shock, disbelief, and sheer joy in this moment is a memory I will never forget 🤍”

“I want to keep this moment very positive because there is so much to celebrate and my heart is overflowing with gratitude, BUT our journey getting to this point wasn’t an easy one. I remember watching people share these videos and aching because I wished so badly I could experience that joy.”

“After two years of infertility, and hundreds of negative tests after negative tests, it was heart wrenching at times to stay optimistic and made me question whether I would ever have this opportunity.”

“I will go into more depth about our fertility journey a little later on, but if any of you out there are struggling to get pregnant, suffering from infertility, or mourning a pregnancy loss… don’t lose HOPE. It may not happen on your timeline and the journey may rip your heart open at times, but don’t give up on yourself and your precious baby! It will happen ✨”

I believe this heartfelt story of Jenna Johnson’s struggle with pregnancy gives hope to many women who are struggling with Infertility issue for years.

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