Cole Bergeron Obituary: A Resident of Goffstown New Hampshire Passed Away

Cole Bergeron Obituary
Cole Bergeron Obituary

The beloved Cole Bergeron passed away peacefully on June 22, 2023, in Goffstown, New Hampshire.  Cole Bergeron, the son of retired Nashua Sergeant Tom Bergeron and former Londonderry Police Department Officer Keely Noyes, Died tragically. Cole, a University of Massachusetts Lowell student, recently passed away, leaving his family and friends in great sorrow.

His passing was reported today by the Londonderry, New Hampshire Police Association, who also offered their sympathies to the family at this trying time. The passing of Cole Bergeron extremely saddens the Londonderry Police Department. You will find all the details on Cole Bergeron’s Obituary by reading Continue…

Cole Bergeron Obituary Details

Cole Bergeron obituary details:  Family provides information about the obituary, funeral, and arrangements


  • Lambert Funeral Home & Crematory
  • 1799 Elm St
  • Manchester, New Hampshire


  • Visitation
  • Jun. 30, 2023
  • 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Lambert Funeral Home & Crematory

Who is Cole Bergeron?

Cole was the child of retired Nashua Police Officer Tom Bergeron and Keely Noyes, a former departmental officer. At the University of Massachusetts Lowell, he was majoring in criminal justice, intending to join the Londonderry Police Force.

Cole Bergeron Obituary
Cole Bergeron Obituary

The Londonderry Police Association (LPA) has awarded scholarships to high school students who want to work in law enforcement over the past few years. The family has not yet provided any information regarding the precise reason for Cole’s passing.

Unrelated to this topic, on June 15, a guy from Tilton named Dana Dolan accepted responsibility for the fatal overdose deἀth of a 21-month-old baby in Londonderry in 2020. Dana Dolan, 27, admitted that his carelessness caused the toddler to discover fentanyl in a truck, which resulted in a fatal overdose.

His punishment hearing is set for August 16 at 1:00. Due to her young age, the infant was referred to in court records as “A.G.” on November 16, 2020, at the RMZ Truck Stop in Londonderry.

Read the following obituaries of deceived people:

Cole Bergeron Cause of Deἀth

He perished in an accident that three drμg-impaired drivers in the car caused when they all dozed off behind the wheel. A.G.’s sister, a youngster of four, was also in the car. In February 2023, Dolan entered a gμilty plea to two offenses covered by his initial plea deal and a third.

The accusations included conspiring to tamper with physical evidence, careless driving that put the two kids in the truck in danger, and dangerous behavior for letting A.G. roam freely after unbuckling her car seat, ultimately resulting in her deἀth.

See the tweet we’ve included for you below for further information-

Judge David Ruoff questioned Dolan about his sobriety during his admission. In response, Dolan’s lawyer said that Dolan had been utilizing suboxone, an opioid detox medication, during his two years in the Rockingham County jail.

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