Aston Merrygold, The Star Of The Masked Singer, Tells Who Knew He Was Robin

Aston Merrygold,

The biggest television mystery of the year has been resolved with the final unveiling of Robin, Badger, and Sausage now that The Masked Singer has been renewed for a second season.

Joss Stone as Sausage was this year’s winner, with JLS artist Aston Merrygold coming in third and being revealed to be Robin, while second-place Badger was revealed to be Grammy Award winner Ne-Yo.

While the country was puzzling over Robin’s identity, Aston told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning on Monday (February 15) that he only told the secret to two people.

In truth, I informed two people. He admitted during the final he didn’t notify any of his JLS bandmates, adding, “My fiancée Sarah knew and my manager, that was all.

He admitted that The Masked Singer places a high value on secrecy and that, because the singers were kept completely apart from one another backstage, he didn’t know any of them.

“Honestly, you have one person who gets you dressed, puts your mask on, and then drives you about while you’re dressed up.

“Even when you take off the Robin mask, for example, you’re still wearing gloves, a hoodie, and a visor.

You are still being led about by that one person, and then you find yourself imprisoned in your dressing room with no idea who anyone is. You physically observe someone’s gait and characteristics to learn more about them.”

Aston declared that the program is “very nice” because there isn’t any criticism of the singers’ performances and because the focus is primarily on solving the mystery of the mask.

“This is a huge draw for the show in my opinion; while there are judges there, their main goal is to learn about the contestants rather than to evaluate their performances or scrutinize them in any way.

It simply becomes a highly entertaining game. That is why I consider it to be such a fantastic presentation. On the show, everyone is very lovely.

“The excitement is simply unmatched,” he continued. That’s good.


Who is the 2022 Robin’s Mask?

The trio will not only play individually but will also duet with a former contestant from the competition. While Mushroom will perform with series 2 finalist Robin, aka JLS star Aston Merrygold, Panda will sing with Hedgehog, who in series one was revealed to be comedian Jason Manford.

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Toby Merrygold

In the second season of The Masked Singer in the UK, Robin is a celebrity participant wearing a mask.