Alicia Navarro Argued With Man, Yelled ‘I Will Go Back’ Just One Day Before Reappearance

Alicia Navarro Missing Arizona
Alicia Navarro Missing Arizona

The 18-year-old girl who inexplicably vanished in 2019 had a fierce argument with an unidentified male just one day before turning herself in at a local police station.

Alicia Navarro, now 18, unexpectedly strolled into a small police station in Havre, Montana, some four years after she vanished from her Arizona home, requesting that her name be removed from the list of missing children. She appeared to be unharmed.

Residents of the apartment building in Havre reported hearing Alicia and a man shouting at each other on Saturday, the day before her reappearance. A neighbor Garrett Smith, 22, shared with the New York Post: “I was here the other day and I heard them yelling. She did say, ‘I will go back.’ But that’s all I heard. It was the day before she turned herself in.”

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