Adam Duncan Cause of Death: How Did League of Geeks Founder Die?

Adam Duncan Cause of Death
Adam Duncan Cause of Death

Adam Duncan, the co-founder and art director of League of Geeks, the Australian game studio that created Armello, Solium Infernum, and Jumplight Odyssey, died on February 11, 2024.

The studio confirmed the news with an emotional statement praising Duncan’s brilliance, humour, and humility.  Duncan’s cause of death has not been officially determined, but some sources believe he died from a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

In this article, we will look at Duncan’s life and legacy, the impact of his passing on the gaming industry and community, and the tributes and condolences offered by his colleagues and admirers.

Adam Duncan Cause of Death

Adam Duncan, a well-known art director and League of Geeks founder, died tragically, leaving the gaming community in sadness. The studio issued an emotional statement confirming his passing, characterizing him as a close friend who was dedicated to his job.

While the actual reason for his death has not been revealed, his influence on the profession and the lives of his coworkers is evident. Adam Duncan made significant contributions to a variety of projects while at League of Geeks, including the digital strategy board game Armello and other well-known titles.

His artwork and character designs were lauded for giving projects a distinct and joyous vibe that resonated with millions of gamers worldwide. Colleagues remember his great sense of humor and gentle humility, which permeated his work and left an indelible influence on those around him.

Fellow developers and friends paid tribute to Duncan on social media, emphasizing his extraordinary talent, generosity, and positive influence. Studio director Trent Kusters warmly described him as a gentle giant in both stature and talent, emphasizing Duncan’s significant impact on those who were fortunate enough to work with him.

While his demise is a great loss for the gaming industry, Adam Duncan’s legacy will live on through the art and experiences he shared with the world.

Adam Duncan Tribute

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