Adam and Tayah from Married At First Sight UK Reveal the Sex of Their Baby.

Adam and Tayah from Married At First Sight UK Reveal the Sex of Their Baby
Adam and Tayah from Married At First Sight UK Reveal the Sex of Their Baby

The couple met on the E4 reality show last year and recently shared the happy news that they are expecting their first child. On the show, which started in August 2021, experts put Adam, who is 27, and Tayah, who is 26, together.

They fell in love quickly, and in the last episode, Adam from Doncaster got down on one knee and asked the estate agent to be his wife. Adam is from the north, and Tayah is from Hertfordshire, so they had to figure out where they would live together.

Tayah was very clear that if she moved in, she wanted to make the place feel more feminine. Shortly after the show ended, the couple said that Tayah had moved into Adam’s place in Doncaster.

The two people live together with a cockapoo named River. In November of last year, they showed what their home looked like on their YouTube channel.

The living room has white walls, a grey carpet, and a velvet sofa that matches the carpet. In the middle, there is a clear glass coffee table with a candle, some incense sticks, and some books on it. Tayah also got a cream armchair, a small coffee table, and some plants, which she put under the windows.

From the kitchen, you can see a big white marble table where people eat. The cooking area has white cabinets and wooden countertops. The main color of the master bedroom is white, and it has bay windows that let in a lot of natural light.

Tayan and Adam have a big bed to sleep in, with a blanket and a lot of pillows on top. They also have their own dressing room with plenty of room for all their clothes, shoes, and accessories. As soon as they found out they were expecting, they might have to turn it into a room for their baby boy or girl.

“We’re so excited,” Tayah told OK! And the worst part is that we didn’t even try! “It happened on its own. I don’t think it’s true. We’re just very fertile, that’s all.” When the positive pregnancy test came back, the parents-to-be were shocked. This is an exciting time for the whole family, as Adam’s brother and cousin are also expecting.

During her time on the show, Tayah made it clear that she wanted to be a mom. In September of last year, a fan said that the star looked like she had a “baby bump” in a recent photo. She told off a mean person on social media who said mean things about her body.

Tayah wrote, “It’s called being a woman and having a normal, small bump on your stomach. “This is such a hurtful thing to say. I’m also thin, so you really need to check yourself before you say things like this to young women.”

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