Vera Wang Daughters: The Fashion Designer’s Muses

Vera Wang Daughters
Vera Wang Daughters

Vera Wang is a world-renowned and important fashion designer, particularly in the bridal business. Celebrities, royals, and numerous brides have all worn her exquisite and inventive designs.

But who are the women who stand behind her? Vera Wang has two children, Cecilia and Josephine Becker, whom she adopted with her ex-husband, real estate developer Arthur Becker.

The two girls have grown up to be stunning and successful individuals in their own right, as well as sources of inspiration and collaboration for their mother. Here are some important details about Vera Wang’s daughters, including their ages, net worth, ethnicity, and more.

Vera Wang Age and Ethnicity

Cecilia Becker was born in 1990, and Josephine Becker in 1993. Vera Wang is the daughter of Chinese immigrants who immigrated to the United States in the 1940s, and they are both of Chinese origin.

Vera and Arthur adopted Cecilia and Josephine immediately after their birth, and they grew up in New York City, where Vera’s design enterprise is situated.

Vera Wang Net Worth and Career

Cecilia and Josephine Becker have not announced their exact net worth, but they are sure to receive a sizable fortune from their affluent and accomplished parents.

As of 2023, Vera Wang has a net worth of $650 million, while Arthur Becker has a net worth of roughly $700 million. The two girls have also pursued their careers, primarily in the arts.

Cecilia, or Cesi, earned a bachelor’s degree in art history and fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to work as an art consultant and curator until establishing her art advice agency, Cecilia Sloane Advice, in 2017.

Vera Wang Daughters

She has also worked on various projects with her mother, including designing the invitations for Vera’s 60th birthday celebration and developing a capsule collection of jewels for Vera Wang Fine Jewels.

Josephine, or Jojo, earned a degree in psychology and cinema studies from Harvard University. She then worked as a producer and director for companies including Vice, Refinery29, and Netflix.

She has also collaborated with her mother on some of her fashion campaigns and projects, including the upcoming documentary Vera Wang: Embracing the Journey, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2021.

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Vera Wang Relationship with Vera Wang

Cecilia and Josephine Becker have a close and supportive relationship with their mother, Vera Wang. They often accompany her to fashion shows, events, and vacations, and they frequently appear on her social media accounts.

Vera has described her daughters as her “muses” and her “best friends”, and she has credited them for inspiring her to stay young and creative. She has also expressed her pride and admiration for their achievements and personalities, and she has said that they are the “greatest gifts” of her life.


Vera Wang’s children, Cecilia and Josephine Becker, are fashion designers Cecilia and Josephine Becker. They are both gorgeous, intelligent, and talented, and they have pursued their interests and routes in life. They are also incredibly close and loyal to their mother, whom they have often inspired and collaborated with. They represent the epitome of Vera Wang’s style and energy while being only 33 and 30 years old.

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