Peso Pluma Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know About the Mexican Rapper

Peso Pluma
Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma is a Mexican rapper who has garnered fame in the music industry for his distinct style and appealing tracks. He is a highly important and acclaimed performer in both the regional Mexican genre and the Latin urban scene.

He has collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest artists, including Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and Luis R. Conriquez. He has also been named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for Music in 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about Peso Pluma: his net worth, age, height, real name, ethnicity, and girlfriend.

Peso Pluma Net Worth

Peso Pluma’s net worth is expected to be $20 million by 2024. He made his riches through his music career, as well as endorsements and sponsorships. He is among the most successful and well-paid rappers in Mexico and Latin America.


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He has published four albums and numerous singles, which have been streamed millions of times on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

He has also appeared at other locations and events throughout the world, drawing large audiences of supporters. He has endorsement relationships with Nike, Adidas, and Pepsi and has appeared in advertisements and periodicals.

Peso Pluma Age

Peso Pluma was born on June 15, 1999, in Zapopan, Mexico. He’s currently 24 years old. He was raised in Guadalajara, where he discovered his passion for music.

Ariel Camacho and Daddy Yankee were two musicians who inspired him to start playing the guitar at the age of 15. He began penning songs in his diary, which he used for treatment. He then discovered his knack for rapping and decided to pursue a career in the music industry.

Peso Pluma Height

Peso Pluma stands 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm) tall. He has a trim and fit physique, which he keeps by exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet.

He has dark brown hair and eyes and frequently wears a goatee and mustache. He has various tattoos on his body that express his personality and values. He prefers casual and modern clothing and frequently wears accessories such as chains, rings, and sunglasses.

Peso Pluma Real Name

Peso Pluma’s real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija. He selected his stage name as a tribute to his father, a boxer who went by the nickname “Peso Pluma” (which means “featherweight” in Spanish).

He also liked the name’s tone and connotation, which represented his musical lightness and agility. He also goes by identities like “El Belicón” and “El Rey de la Música Mexicana.”.

Peso Pluma Ethnicity

Peso Pluma is of mixed heritage, with a Lebanese father and a Mexican mother. He is proud of his ethnicity and frequently blends aspects of both cultures into his songs and style. He sings in Spanish, but occasionally incorporates Arabic words and phrases into his lyrics.

Peso Pluma Net Worth

He also combines many musical styles, like corridos, reggaeton, cumbia, and rap, to create a distinct and diversified sound. Vicente Fernández, José Alfredo Jiménez, Fairuz, and Nancy Ajram are just a few of the Mexican and Lebanese artists who have influenced him.

Peso Pluma Girlfriend

Peso Pluma is presently single and has not confirmed a relationship with anyone. He has previously been associated with various women, including singer Liahona Olayan, actress Ezra Williams, and model Maria Gracia Santillana.

However, he has never made an official announcement or confirmed any of these claims. He chooses to keep his personal life secret while focusing on his music and business. He has indicated that he is looking for someone loyal, supportive, and enjoys music. He has also stated that he is not in a hurry to marry and is content with his single life.

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