Noelia Voigt: The Making of Miss USA 2023 – Net Worth, Achievements, and More

Noelia Voigt Net Worth
Noelia Voigt Net Worth

Noelia Voigt, 23, is a Venezuelan-American model, interior designer, author, and activist. Miss Utah USA 2023 represented Utah at the contest.

Born in Venezuela, Voigt migrated to the US with her family as a child. She earned an interior design degree from the University of Utah after growing up in Park City.

Besides modeling, Voigt is a strong anti-bullying activist. In 2021, she wrote “Maddie the BRAVE,” a children’s book to promote awareness and motivate youth to speak up. For further insights into Noelia Voigt’s net worth, height, and age, continue scrolling through this post for comprehensive details.

Noelia Voigt Net Worth

Noelia Voigt may be worth $1 million. Her income comes from modeling, interior design, book sales, and lecturing. Voigt receives a scholarship, a modeling contract, and exclusive events as Miss Utah USA. The value of these rewards and bonuses is unknown, but they may boost Voigt’s wealth.

Noelia Voigt Net Worth
Noelia Voigt Net Worth

Voigt is young, yet she has accomplished much in her career. She is a successful model, interior designer, author, and campaigner. Voigt’s talent, determination, and passion will undoubtedly increase her net worth.

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Noelia Voigt Age, Height

Noelia Voigt, born on September 30, 2000, is presently 23 years of age and stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

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Noelia Voigt: A Promising Journey in the Modeling World

Noelia Voigt, a student of interior design, was named Miss USA on September 29, 2023. On November 18, 2023, she will represent the United States at the Miss Universe competition. Miss Utah USA Noelia Voigt is the first Venezuelan-American woman to be crowned.

Noelia Voigt
Noelia Voigt

She defeated Miss Hawaii USA runner-up Savannah Gankiewicz and Miss Wisconsin USA runner-up Alexis Loomans. Noelia Voigt is also a professional lash technician and a registered esthetician.

Modeling Career

At the age of 16, Noelia Voigt embarked on her modeling journey. Over the years, she has collaborated with renowned brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Chanel. Her portfolio includes features in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Interior Design

Noelia earned her degree in interior design from the University of Utah. Presently, she serves as an interior design consultant at RH, a distinguished luxury furniture retailer.


In 2021, Noelia Voigt showcased her writing prowess by publishing “Maddie the BRAVE,” a children’s book aimed at shedding light on the issue of bullying. The narrative revolves around a young girl’s courageous stand against a bully.


A fervent anti-bullying advocate, Noelia is a certified One Love Workshop facilitator, actively engaged in educating middle and high school students on fostering healthy relationships and preventing abuse.

Career Highlights:

  • Crowned Miss Utah USA 2023
  • Authored the children’s book “Maddie the BRAVE”
  • Certified One Love Workshop facilitator
  • Collaboration with prominent brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Chanel
  • Featured in leading fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar
  • Graduated with an interior design degree from the University of Utah

Future Goals

In the future, Noelia Voigt envisions a continued flourishing modeling career alongside her pursuit of a successful venture in interior design. Additionally, she remains dedicated to leveraging her platform to raise awareness about bullying and advocate for essential social causes. If you are interested in knowing details relating to celebrities’ wealth, assets, and more then you can join us on our Twitter account.

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