Latavia Roberson Net Worth: From Destiny’s Child to R&B Diva

Latavia Roberson Net Worth
Latavia Roberson Net Worth

LaTavia Roberson is a singer and actress from the United States who debuted in 1997. LaTavia rose to prominence as a member of Destiny’s Child, one of the world’s best-selling female groups.

LaTavia began singing with his group, along with Kelly, Michelle, and the iconic diva Beyonce. LaTavia has recorded two studio albums with the group and has sold over 25 million records worldwide.

LaTavia tried her hand at acting after her breakthrough in the music world, appearing in various television episodes. Throughout her career, she has appeared in over nine television programs. So, today we’ll look into LaTavia Roberson’s biography and net worth.

Latavia Roberson Net Worth

As of 2023, LaTavia Roberson’s net worth is $500,000. In the early 1990s, she rose to prominence as one of the most prominent vocalists. Her career took a dramatic shift when she joined the most successful girl group, “Destiny’s Child.”


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LaTavia Roberson amassed considerable money as a member of the group, having released their biggest hit single, “Say My Name.” On YouTube, that song has received over 370 million views. LaTavia Roberson is currently a philanthropist, the proprietor of Boxing Magazine, and a prominent public speaker.

Latavia Roberson Early Life

Roberson was born in Houston, Texas, on November 1, 1981, to Cheryl Lastrap and Terry Roberson. She has two sisters, Lashun and Lytia, and one brother, Larry Jr. Roberson attended Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

She went on to study at the Boston Conservatory of Music after graduating. Roberson was a child model in the 1980s before joining Destiny’s Child, appearing in ads for Soft and Beautiful’s Just for Me Hair Care relaxer for youngsters.

Roberson auditioned to be a rapper and dancer in a local girl group when she was nine years old, and she was one of many girls who got through. At this audition, she met Beyoncé Knowles, and the two became fast friends.

LaTavia Roberson Career

LaTavia’s career took off when she auditioned for a small girl group in Texas alongside a young Beyoncé Knowles, who went on to become one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Beyonce and LaTavia were both picked to perform as part of the act, with LaTavia rapping and dancing and Beyonce singing. When the two girls were eight years old, they became close friends and began performing at public events. LaTavia, the group’s youngest member, was bright and savvy from an early age.

LaTavia encouraged Kelly Rowland to join the club when she was in primary school, and Kelly followed her advice. LaTavia found herself in a group of six females who were all driven to be the best they could be now that Kelly was on board.

Latavia Roberson Destiny’s Child

Between 1995 and 1997, the girls signed with two separate record labels and recorded only a few tracks. Beyonce’s father agreed to the girls signing with Columbia Records under the name “Destiny’s Child” in 1997. LaTavia changed from being an equal member of the group to a background performer.

In 1998, they published their first self-titled a, which introduced the world to the sisters and their distinct sound. LaTavia and the gals soared to fame in 1999 with their second album, “The Writing’s on the Wall.”

Latavia Roberson

It released smash singles such as “Say My Name” and “Jumpin’, Jumpin’,” which became one of Destiny’s Child’s biggest hits. The record was a big hit, going platinum eight times in the United States.

Matthew’s preference for his daughter and Kelly irritated LaTavia and LeToya, who felt disregarded by the management. These two girls proposed that an outside mediator come in and remove them from Beyonce and Kelly.

The music video for the group’s song “Say My Name” was released in February 2000, and LaTavia realized that her voice had been altered. Destiny’s Child” disbanded as a result. Furthermore, LaTavia and LeToya filed a lawsuit against Beyonce, Kelly, Matthew, and Sony Music, under which the girls were signed.

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