Joe Manchin Net Worth: The Most Powerful Man in the Senate

Joe Manchin Net Worth
Joe Manchin Net Worth
Joe Manchin is a West Virginia senator who has been dubbed “the most powerful man in the Senate” for his ability to influence the outcome of significant legislation through his moderate views and bipartisan approach. He is also one of Congress’s wealthiest members. Here are some more details about Joe Manchin’s age, career, height, and other attributes.

Joe Manchin Net Worth

In 2023, Joe Manchin’s net worth is predicted to be around $12 million. The Democratic Senator from West Virginia built his riches through a combination of his political career, business interests, and investments. This places him among the wealthier members of the US Senate.

Joe Manchin Net Worth

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Joe Manchin Assets & Investments

Joe Manchin’s holdings include five real estate properties, seven automobiles, and two luxury yachts. Joe Manchin’s asset portfolio also includes approximately $3 million in cash reserves. Joe Manchin also has a $2 million investing portfolio consisting of ten stocks. Joe Manchin’s stock portfolio is highlighted below.

  • Tesla
  • Pfizer
  • General Motors
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

Joe Manchin Car Collection

Joe Manchin owns six fancy vehicles. Christian Horner recently purchased a brand-new Lincoln Navigator for $105,000 USD. Joe Manchin also owns a $200,000 USD Range Rover autobiography. Other vehicles owned by Joe Manchin are mentioned here, along with their prices.

  • Aston Martin DBX – 390000
  • McLaren GT – $800,000 USD
  • BMW X9 – $150,000 USD

Joe Manchin House

Joe Manchin lives in an 11,000-square-foot mansion in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. Joe Manchin paid a steep price of $25 million USD for this residence.

Joe Manchin Age

Joe Manchin was born in Farmington, West Virginia, on August 24, 1947. As of 2023, he is 76 years old.

Joe Manchin Career

Joe Manchin’s political career began when he was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 1982. From 1986 until 1996, he was a member of the West Virginia Senate, where he chaired the Energy, Industry, and Mining Committee.

He also contributed to the creation and held the presidency of Enersystems, a family-run coal brokerage company. Manchin ran for and was elected Secretary of State of West Virginia in 2000, where he introduced various reforms to improve the state’s election system and economic climate.

He was elected as West Virginia’s 34th governor in 2004 and was re-elected with a landslide 70% of the vote in 2008. He balanced the state budget, slashed taxes, invested in education and infrastructure, increased health care coverage, and championed energy independence and environmental protection during his tenure as governor.

Following the death of long-serving U.S. Senator Robert Byrd in 2010, Manchin campaigned in a special election to fill the vacancy. He was elected with 53% of the vote, making him the first West Virginia governor to be directly elected to the United States Senate.

He was re-elected to a full term with 61% of the vote in 2012 and 49.6% of the vote in 2018. He is currently West Virginia’s senior senator and the chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Manchin has been renowned in the Senate for his moderate and independent attitude on numerous issues, frequently breaking with his party or going across the aisle to find common ground.

He has been an outspoken supporter of bipartisanship, fiscal responsibility, gun rights, coal mining, veterans’ issues, and rural development.

He has also played a significant role in several major legislative discussions, including the Affordable Care Act, the American Rescue Plan, the For the People Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the Build Back Better Act.

He has frequently utilized his clout as a swing vote to influence the outcome of these bills, sometimes to the chagrin of his fellow Democrats and the White House.

Manchin said in 2023 that he will not run for reelection in 2024, instead traveling the country and speaking out to see if there is interest in forming a movement to organize the middle and bring Americans together.

This fueled rumors that he was considering a third-party presidential run, as he is linked with the No Labels group, which is looking into the prospect of supporting an independent candidate.

Height and More

Joe Manchin stands at 6 feet (1.83 meters). He is married to Gayle Conelly, a former West Virginia Board of Education president. They are the parents of three children and 10 grandchildren. He is a Roman Catholic and a Knight of Columbus member.

He likes to go hunting, fishing, riding his motorcycle, and flying. He is also a certified emergency medical technician and a licensed pilot.

For his public work, he has won various accolades and distinctions, including the Distinguished West Virginian Award, the Friend of Coal Award, the National Governors Association Distinguished Work Award, and the US Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award.

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