Jim Hanks Net Worth 2023, How Much Does Tom Hanks Make A Year?

jim hanks net worth
jim hanks net worth

James Matthew Hanks is an American actor and director who was born on June 15, 1961. He has had a lot of small parts in movies and TV shows, and he often does voice-over work for his older brother Tom Hanks (most notably Sheriff Woody for Toy Story-related talking toys and video games). He has made, directed, and shot a number of short movies. Hanks made his film debut in Buford’s Beach Bunnies (1993).

Jim Hanks: Net Worth 2023

Jim Hanks is an American actor, director, and voice actor with a $2 million net worth as of 2023. Jim Hanks was born in June 1961 in Shasta, California. He is Tom Hanks’ brother, and he often does voice work for Tom. In the 1996 TV short Toy Story Treats, Hanks gave Woody a voice.

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Jim Hanks: Early Life Details

James Mathew Hanks was born in California in 1961. He was born in Shasta County. [needs citation] He is the son of a traveling cook, Amos Mefford Hanks, and Janet Marylyn (née Frager). Hanks is also the youngest brother of actors Tom Hanks and Larry Hanks, who is an entomologist. The three of them did not grow up together, though.  

After their parents got divorced, Jim and his mother moved to Red Bluff, California, while his older brothers and sister stayed with their father. He moved to Sacramento after college and worked as a waiter there. 

The agent who hired his wife, the actress Karen Praxel, to work as a receptionist urged him to become an actor. After taking acting classes, he moved to Los Angeles in 1992 and started his career by appearing in B-movies and doing voice-overs for commercials.

Jim Hanks: Personal Life Details

Hanks got married to actress Karen Praxel on May 25, 1986. They have a son together. The family lives in California, in Venice. 

He works for “Feet First Films,” a company in Los Angeles that helps make short films and gives actors a chance to show what they can do.

Jim Hanks: Career Details

He got his first lead role in Buford’s Beach Bunnies as Jeeter Buford (1993). He tried out as “Jim Matthews” because he wanted to get the part based on his own skills (just his first and a modification of his middle name). Producers said he looked like Tom Hanks, but he got the part because of how funny and good an actor he was. The fact that he was his brother wasn’t known until all the paperwork was done. 

In 1995, the show A Current Affair revealed that Tom based Forrest Gump’s mannerisms on the simpleton mannerisms that Jim had created for the role of Jeeter, including Forrest’s now-famous “jerky run.”

Because he looked like his brother, he was able to stand in for him in scenes from the movie Forrest Gump. Because he sounds a lot like his brother, he often fills in for him as Sheriff Woody in different Toy Story video games and spin-offs. 

In 2001, Hanks started giving Geoffrey the Giraffe’s voice in the Toys “R” Us commercials. He also gives Rudy’s voice in the Red Robin Gourmet Burgers commercials.

In an episode of Scrubs, he had a guest role as “Dr. Turner,” who worked with another doctor named “Hooch.” This was a reference to his brother’s movie, “Turner & Hooch.”

Hanks played the mailman who was the town gossip in the 1998 movie version of O. Henry’s “The Ransom of Red Chief.”

He has been on stage, and he played Lennie Small in a production of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men by Theatrical Arts International. In November 2016, Hanks played a guest role in a parody of the FX show Louie called Gary CK Needs Work.

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