JB Smoove Net Worth: SNL Star Makes A Decent Income Through His Career!

JB Smoove Net Worth
JB Smoove Net Worth
Saturday Night Live has shaped the careers of many budding celebrities in the entertainment sector. J.B. Smoove, a performer and a writer on Saturday Night Live, is one such celebrity. The American actor is well-known as a comedian and has been in the business for many years.

He began his career with Def Comedy Jam and then appeared in the CBS series The Millers. Furthermore, Smoove is well-known for his role in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The 57-year-old is still a part of it and has many more years ahead of him.

However, he was recently filmed repairing his North Carolina house. It eventually prompted others to look for JB Smoove Net Worth. As a result, followers are eager to plunge into his fortune. So, is he still making millions today? Let us investigate!

JB Smoove Net Worth: The Actor Has A Decent Earning!

The estimated net worth of American comedian and actor J.B. Smoove is $5 million. Due to his breakthrough performance as Leon Black on Larry David’s long-running HBO sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm, Smoove has become a highly sought-after comedian with roles in various feature films, television shows, and stand-up comedy projects. However, he has been a known entity in the comedy world since the 1990s. You may also check out the J.B. Smoove Instagram post below- 


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Early Life And Career!

JB Smoove was born Jerry Angelo Brooks on December 16, 1965, to Elizabeth and Floyd Brooks. In New York, he spent his formative years with his mother. His father died of diabetes when JB was only 15 years old. Additionally, Jerry attended Mount Vernon High School before enrolling at Norfolk State University in Virginia.

Even though the 57-year-old was interested in comedy, he pursued engineering and graphic design. Smoove was a perfume formulator before he entered the entertainment industry. In addition to this, he also sold fire extinguishers door to door.

After his debut in the HBO series Def Comedy Jam, JB Smoove was immediately recognized by other filmmakers. He appeared in Everybody Hates Out and Saturday Night Live the following year. He joined Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2007 and is still portraying Leon Black.

Intriguingly, he also published a book about the character on October 10, 2017. In addition, JB Smoove earned a starring role in the Fox comedy series ‘Til Death.’ In 2014, the actor hosted Season 8 of Last Comic Standing. In addition, Jerry’s popularity skyrocketed after being cast in Spider-Man: Far From Home and its 2021 sequel, Spider-Man: No Way Out. In addition to fame, the film increased JB Smoove’s net worth.

JB Smoove Relationships: Who Is His Wife?

Always a woman is responsible for a man’s triumph. In the case of J.B. Smoove, this is proven to be the case. In 2007, the comedian married his wife, Shahidah Omar. She is an actress and performer in films such as The Brother.

The family resides in Los Angeles and includes a daughter from his previous relationship, who is now an adult. Moreover, JB Smoove and Shahidah work together and are business partners and life partners. Despite their happiness with one another, they are one of the least-discussed celebrity couples to date. You might also be interested in the Instagram post that J.B. Smoove has embedded below:


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Before marrying Omar, it is unclear whether or not he was in a serious relationship. His ex-girlfriends and past relationships are unknown to the general public. JB Smoove made headlines after providing Tom Holland and Zendaya with advice.

During their conversation with E.T., JB Smoove gave the couple some sage advice. He referred to them as one of the cutest couples and offered them relationship advice. The actor advised the pair to maintain a stress-free lifestyle and make time for amusement. To learn details about other celebrities’ income you can join us on our website The Current Online.


1. How did J.B. Smoove start in comedy?

J.B. Smoove began his comedy journey in the early 1990s, performing stand-up in NYC clubs. He got his break as a cast member on ‘Def Comedy Jam’.

2. What is J.B. Smoove’s most famous role?

J.B. Smoove is best known for portraying Leon Black in HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. He’s also had notable roles in films like ‘Hall Pass’ and ‘The Sitter’.

3. Has J.B. Smoove won any awards?

While nominated for several awards, including an Emmy for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, he hasn’t won major awards yet.

4. Which other TV shows has J.B. Smoove appeared on?

J.B. Smoove has appeared on shows such as ‘The Millers, ‘The Real Husbands of Hollywood’, and ‘Saturday Night Live’.

5. What is J.B. Smoove’s writing style?

His writing style is influenced by improvisational comedy, featuring witty one-liners and spontaneous humor.

6. Has J.B. Smoove done voice acting?

He has lent his voice to animated movies and TV shows like ‘Ice Age’, ‘The Smurfs, and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.

7. How does J.B. Smoove approach stand-up comedy?

His approach is heavily improvised, involving audience interaction and impromptu moments for memorable performances.

8. What does J.B. Smoove enjoy about acting?

He relishes portraying diverse characters, exploring emotions, and delving into different aspects of the human experience.

9. What are J.B. Smoove’s hobbies?

In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and golf, and cheering for the New York Knicks.

10. What philanthropic endeavours is J.B. Smoove involved in?

He supports the Jermaine Kearse Foundation, helping underprivileged youth in NYC.

11. How does J.B. Smoove approach writing and producing?

His background in improvisational comedy informs his work, emphasizing collaboration, creativity, and spontaneity.

12. What does J.B. Smoove appreciate about Los Angeles?

He loves LA’s weather, diversity, creative opportunities, and thriving entertainment industry.

13. What advice does J.B. Smoove have for aspiring comedians and actors?

He advises staying authentic, working hard, embracing failure, seeking support, and taking risks.

14. What are J.B. Smoove’s plans?

He’s actively involved in writing, producing, and acting projects, aiming to explore new horizons and further his creative journey.

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