Hilary Duff Net Worth 2024: How the Singer-Actress Made a Million?

Hilary Duff Net Worth 2024
Hilary Duff Net Worth 2024

Hilary Duff is an American actress and singer best known for her role on the Disney Channel sitcom Lizzie McGuire in the early 2000s. She has since appeared in several films, television episodes, and albums, as well as dabbled in fashion, beauty, and business. But how much is Hilary Duff worth in 2024, and how did she accumulate her wealth?

Hilary Duff Net Worth In 2024

Hilary Duff, an American actress, singer, and businesswoman, has an estimated net worth of $30 million. She rose to prominence in the Disney Channel comedy Lizzie McGuire, where she received $15,000 for each episode.

Hilary Duff Net Worth In 2024

Duff has subsequently released five studio albums, appeared in several films and television shows, and established her own clothing line and production company.

Hilary Duff’s Early Life and Career Breakthrough

Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas, to parents Robert and Susan Duff. Her older sister, Haylie, is also an actress and singer. Hilary began performing and singing at an early age and relocated to California with her mother and sister in 1993 to seek a career in the entertainment sector.


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Hilary’s first notable role came in the 1998 film Casper Meets Wendy when she played the young witch Wendy. She also starred in a few television episodes and commercials, but her big break came in 2001, when she earned the lead role of Lizzie McGuire in the Disney Channel series of the same name.

Lizzie McGuire was a great hit, garnering millions of viewers and establishing Hilary as a teen superstar. She also appeared in the 2003 film adaptation of the show, which grossed more than $55 million worldwide. Hilary made $15,000 for each episode of Lizzie McGuire and $1 million for the film.

Hilary Duff’s Music and Movie Success

Hilary Duff also established a successful music career, signing with Hollywood Records in 2002. In 2002, she launched her debut album, Santa Claus Lane, a Christmas-themed CD that sold over one million copies.

Her second album, Metamorphosis, was a tremendous commercial and critical success, selling over five million copies and producing the smash songs “So Yesterday” and “Come Clean.”.

Hilary proceeded to release albums, including Hilary Duff (2004), Most Wanted (2005), Dignity (2007), and Breathe In, Breathe Out. (2015), all of which reached the top ten on the Billboard 200 and sold millions of copies. She also toured extensively, appearing in sold-out venues and stadiums all over the world.

Hilary has also appeared in various films, including Agent Cody Banks (2003), Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), A Cinderella Story (2004), The Perfect Man (2005), and Material Girls (2006).

She got between $2 million and $4 million for each of these films, as well as a part of the revenues. She has also appeared on various television shows, including Gossip Girl (2009), Beauty & the Briefcase (2010), and Younger (2015–present).

Hilary Duff’s Business and Endorsement Deals

Hilary Duff is not just a gifted entertainer, but also a successful entrepreneur who has engaged in several commercial endeavors and projects. She has created her fashion lines, including Stuff by Hilary Duff, Femme for DKNY, and Muse x Hilary Duff.

Hilary has also negotiated lucrative endorsement deals with several businesses, including Candie’s, Got Milk?, Barbie, DKNY, and Cover Girl.

Hilary Duff’s Personal Life and Philanthropy

Hilary Duff has been married twice and has three children. She married Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie in 2010 and welcomed a son, Luca, in 2012.

The pair got divorced in 2016. She then married American singer and songwriter Matthew Koma in 2019, and they had two kids, Banks (2018) and Mae (2021).

Hilary Duff is also a kind and caring philanthropist who has donated to and supported several causes and organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Blessings in a Backpack. She has also taken part in initiatives for animal rights, women’s rights, and environmental issues.

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Where was Hilary Duff born?

Hilary Duff was born in Houston, Texas, on September 28, 1987.

How did Hilary Duff get started in show business?

Duff began her career at a young age, appearing in local theater productions and commercials. She also toured with her sister in a production of The Nutcracker.

What was Hilary Duff’s big break?

Duff’s major break in the entertainment industry came in 2001 when she landed the lead role in the Disney Channel sitcom “Lizzie McGuire.”

When did Hilary Duff start her music career?

Duff released her debut album, “Santa Claus Lane,” in 2002, marking the start of her music career.

What is Hilary Duff’s most popular song?

“So Yesterday,” released in 2003, is one of Duff’s most popular songs, achieving significant chart success and platinum certification in the U.S.

What is Hilary Duff most known for in her acting career?

Besides “Lizzie McGuire,” Duff is recognized for her roles in movies like “A Cinderella Story,” “Raise Your Voice,” and “The Perfect Man.”

Has Hilary Duff won any acting awards?

Yes, Duff has received several awards, including four Teen Choice Awards and a Kids’ Choice Award.

Who is Hilary Duff married to?

Duff is married to singer-songwriter Matthew Koma, and they have three children together.

Does Hilary Duff have any children?

Yes, Duff is a mother of three: Luca Cruz Comrie, Banks Violet Bair, and Mae James Bair.

What is Hilary Duff’s net worth?

Hilary Duff’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

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