Francisco Tiu Laurel Net Worth: The Fishing Tycoon Who Became the New DA Chief

Francisco Tiu Laurel Net Worth
Francisco Tiu Laurel Net Worth

Francisco Tiu Laurel is a renowned businessman and the head of Frabelle Fishing Corporation, one of the Philippines’ and Asia-Pacific region’s top seafood firms.

He was also recently named Secretary of Agriculture (DA) by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. But how much is he worth, and how did he get so rich? This article will look into Francisco Tiu Laurel’s net worth, career, accomplishments, and challenges.

Francisco Tiu Laurel Net Worth and Sources of Income

Francisco Tiu Laurel’s net worth is expected to be around $5 million as of 2023, according to several sources. Some internet portals, however, have labeled him as a billionaire fishing expert, meaning that his net worth is significantly higher.

His fishing, seafood processing, and agriculture companies, as well as his investments in other industries such as power generation, food industry services, and real estate, are his main sources of revenue.

Francisco Tiu Laurel Net Worth
Francisco Tiu Laurel Net Worth

Francisco Tiu Laurel owns and operates Frabelle Fishing Corporation, which his parents, Francis and Bella Tiu-Laurel, founded in 1966. The enterprise began with two fishing vessels working around the Cuyo Island group and Northern Palawan and has now expanded to over 150 vessels operating in nations such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan, and South Africa.

The company provides a comprehensive range of fresh, frozen, and processed seafood products to a local and international consumer base. Francisco Tiu Laurel is also the president of Agusan Power Corporation, which maintains a 24.9-megawatt hydropower facility at Lake Mainit that supplies power to around 50,000 houses in the vicinity.

He also has a coffee brand called Deb’s Coffee, a real estate company named Frabelle Properties Corporation, and a food industry service company called Frabelle Market Corporation.

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Francisco Tiu Laurel Biography and Career

Francisco Tiu Laurel was born in Canada in 1966 and reared by his parents in New York City, USA. He attended a local high school in New York City before attending the University of Southern California and earning a degree in communications.

In the late 1980s, he joined his family’s fishing business and was named president of Frabelle Fishing Corporation in 1996. For almost three decades, Francisco Tiu Laurel has been a pioneer and leader in the fishing and seafood sectors.

He has spoken at international tuna conferences and served on a panel for the National Geographic Society-led Coral Triangle Initiative, which strives to safeguard the region’s marine biodiversity and livelihoods. In his firm, he has also advocated for sustainability and innovation, implementing best practices and technologies to assure quality and efficiency.

Francisco Tiu Laurel has also been active in government and public affairs, particularly in agriculture. He served as an advisor to President Marcos’ Private Sector Advisory Council, which provides input and recommendations on a variety of policies and projects.

He has also contributed significantly to Marcos’ presidential campaign in 2022. He was appointed Secretary of Agriculture in October 2023, succeeding Marcos, who took over the position himself after being inaugurated.

Francisco Tiu Laurel’s Achievements and Challenges

Francisco Tiu Laurel has received a great deal of success and acclaim for his work and contributions. He has appeared in publications such as Forbes, Teen Vogue, and BuzzFeed.He has also received a number of honors, including the Shorty Award for Breakout YouTuber in 2021 and the Streamy Award for Inspirational Content Creator in 2022.

Francisco Tiu Laurel, the new DA leader, faces many obstacles and expectations. He must address agricultural difficulties and concerns, such as rising rice and other crop and vegetable prices, the sugar import fiasco, the African swine disease outbreak, and the effects of climate change.

He must also strike a balance between the interests and aspirations of numerous stakeholders, including farmers, consumers, traders, and exporters. He must carry out the Marcos administration’s policies and projects, such as the Rice Tariff Act, the National Food Security Plan, and the Philippine Rural Development Project.

Francisco Tiu Laurel is confident and optimistic that he will be able to overcome these obstacles and perform his responsibilities. He has stated his vision and intentions for the agriculture sector, which include raising productivity, diversifying crops, upgrading infrastructure, enhancing R&D, and developing agribusiness and agro-tourism.

He has also pledged to collaborate closely with farmers and other sectors, as well as local and international partners, to fulfill the DA’s aims and objectives.

Francisco Tiu Laurel is one of the Philippines’ most successful and powerful businessmen, with a net worth of $5 million or more. He is also the recently appointed Secretary of Agriculture, which comes with a lot of responsibility and chances.

He’s created a reputation for himself in the fishing and seafood industry, among other things. In addition, he has been a visionary and a leader in the industry and beyond. This is the narrative of Francisco Tiu Laurel.

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