Soulja Boy Teeth Before & After Pictures: Social Media Reacts To His Teeth Before He Got Them Fixed

soulja boy teeth
soulja boy teeth

Soulja Boy’s teeth are trending on Twitter after a before and after photo of them went viral. It is unknown when the musician had surgery as the Crank. In recent years, that rapper has had perfect teeth. However, netizens continue to mock the artist.

In 2021, Soulja Boy rose quickly in the music industry. Following his internet success, he became one of the first rappers to be signed to a record label. He was cast in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood after becoming famous online. Since then, the 32-year-old has declared a net worth of $30 million.

An image purportedly of Soulja Boy’s teeth recently went viral on social media. On Twitter, a shocking image of teeth that appeared to be rotten was shared. A pair of clean, brushed, and shining white teeth could also be seen horizontally below.

The post quickly gained traction online, and it was shared across multiple social media platforms. Many people wondered how Soulja Boy managed to live with his rotten teeth. Rap music It was recently predicted that the rapper was dealing with a meth problem, which caused financial difficulties that prevented him from visiting a dentist.

Social Media Reactions to His Teeth Before They Were Fixed

Unsurprisingly, internet users were disgusted by the image. Several Twitter users stated that they would look through the rapper’s old photos to find him with dirty grills. Several netizens flooded the internet with amusing memes. Among the tweets were:


Yes, he is a $30 million dollar millionaire.

Who is Soulja Boy in a relationship with?

Soulja Boy and girlfriend Jackilyn Martinez announced their first child, a baby boy, would be born on March 19, 2022. They each posted a video of their gender reveals party to their respective Instagram accounts.