Hayden Panettiere admits to having breast reduction surgery and claims it has made her “more confident.”

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Always beautiful! Early in her acting career, Hayden Panettiere appeared in a number of successful movies and TV shows, which helped her rapidly gain notoriety. The Nashville alum gained notoriety after a brief absence when it was revealed that she would be reprising her enduring horror part in the Scream series. Hayden is well-known in the field and has won accolades for her skills and winning smile. Popularity, though, can also result in unwanted censure. For years, there have been reports about the actress getting plastic surgery.

The Ice Princess actress published a picture of herself posing in a sexy black and white form-fitting mini dress on Instagram in September 2022.

I had a fantastic birthday celebration with a select few of my closest friends and beloved people, the Golden Globe nominee wrote in the photo’s caption. Although she received many compliments, some commenters thought she had altered her appearance.

Following a breast reduction, Hayden Panettiere feels like a completely different person.

In a brand-new interview, the 33-year-old “Heroes” alum disclosed that she underwent surgery in 2022, just over eight years after giving birth to her daughter, Kaya.

In her Women’s Health cover story for April 2023, which was released on Monday, she said, “My body still didn’t feel like it belonged to me.

“I don’t believe anything is wrong with someone wanting to change something if it increases their confidence. All I have to say about it is that. My faith has returned.

In December 2014, Panettiere gave birth to Kaya alongside her fiancé at the time, Wladimir Klitschko.

The actress battled addiction and postpartum depression, and the former professional boxer, 46, was granted full custody of their daughter after the pair split up.

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Later, Panettiere found treatment, became sober, and returned to work in “Scream VI,” which opens in theaters on Friday.

Resuming her part as Kirby Reed, she said to Women’s Health, “kept making me want to go back to the beginning of the period of time where I was really happy and healthy. She experienced that human tragedy, and it altered her. It’s clear that I can relate to that.

The “Nashville” alum’s brother Jansen Panettiere suddenly passed away last month, adding to her already intense personal trauma.

One week later, the late artist’s family came forward and disclosed that a swollen heart was the cause of death.

The family continued in a statement, “His charisma, warmth, compassion for others, and his creative spirit will remain eternally in our hearts and in the hearts of all whom he encountered.

In her first television appearance since the news broke, Hayden gave a moving tribute to Jansen, who was 28 years old.

On “Good Morning America” on Monday, she said, “He’s right here with me,” after Michael Strahan expressed his sympathy.

Jansen appeared on film as a young child in “Even Stevens,” “Hope & Faith,” and “Everybody Hates Chris,” following in the footsteps of his older sister.

The actor’s performance in Nickelodeon’s “The Last Day of Summer” earned him a nomination for a Young Artist Award in 2008.

Early in the 2000s, the Panettiere brothers even collaborated on a few films, including “Tiger Cruise” (2004) and “Racing Stripes” (2005).

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