Natalie Portman Before & After Pictures: Did Natalie Portman Get Plastic Surgery?

natalie portman
natalie portman

Natalie Portman is an Israeli-American actress who was born Neta-Lee Hershlag and has been a big star since she was a teenager. The action-drama “Leon: The Professional,” which she appeared in when she was 12 years old, was the start of her acting career.

We all know how beautiful the actress is, and her look is enough to make anyone swoon. However, rumors that she had plastic surgery have made people question her beauty. As we all know, celebrities, especially women, are often judged by how they look, and Natalie was no exception. It has been said that she will have surgery.

People are more likely to notice the changes because she has been on our big and small screens since she was very young. So, if there are any changes, they are easy to find.

But sometimes people don’t notice the changes that come with getting older, and for some people, getting older is like magic. But since people have already asked, let’s find out what Natalie Portman did to change her appearance.

Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery

Even though there are no official or reliable sources that say Natalie Portman has had plastic surgery, there are many articles on the internet that speculate about the actress’s plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

According to an article published by Scoop in 2015, have gone under the knife for a nose job and cheek implants.

As you can see from the comparison photos, the actress’s appearance has changed very slightly, but not enough to prove she has had plastic surgery.

Natalie Portman before and after plastic surgery

Natalie Portman Said She On’t Say She Won’t Get Plastic Surgery.

Natalie Portman said in 2009 that she is afraid of getting old. When she was only 28, the actress told V Magazine that she was worried about getting old.

Natalie said, “You see stars from five years ago who are already losing their shine. As an actress gets closer to 40, it gets really, really hard.”

During the same interview, the actress said she wasn’t sure if she would ever get plastic surgery. When asked if she would think about getting plastic surgery, the actress said, “I hope not.”

Natalie didn’t completely rule it out, though, and she said she didn’t know how she’d feel as she got older. So, whatever the last news source said could also be right.

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