Did Chrisean Rock Done Tooth Job? Her Before And After Picture

chrisean before and after

After appearing on Blueface’s reality show “Blue Girls Club,” Chrisean Rock became well known. People knew her as Blueface’s girlfriend for a while.

She started out as a musician. In many of the music videos she put out, she was missing a tooth.

So, a lot of people have asked about her tooth. Did she get a toothache? People are still talking about the question, so let’s find out why.

Who Is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is a musician and leader who is 22 years old. She’s put out a few songs on Spotify. She appeared on the American reality television show Bad Girls Club. She is Blueface’s girlfriend. Blueface is an American rapper. She’s been pretty well known on social media. About 2 million people follow her on Instagram.

Did Chrisean Rock Done Tooth Job?

Chrisean Rock fought with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend and lost a tooth. She also shared videos and photos on social media of her missing tooth. Blueface had given her a lot of money, but it took her a long time to fix her tooth. Fans also told her how brave she was for showing her face with the missing tooth.

Even more, she made it look like her brand. She posted a video taken in an orthodontist’s office on July 9. In that video, she got a new tooth with a picture of Blueface on it.

Chrisean Rock Before And After Picture

Chrisean Rock Tooth

Chrisean Rock said in an Instagram Live video that she had fought with one of Blueface’s ex-girlfriends, Jaidyn Alexis, and lost her front teeth as a result. Chrisean was upset with Jaidyn, so the two of them got into a fight. During the fight, Chrisean hit her mouth on the floor and lost one of her teeth.

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