Zion Williamson Weight Loss: Full Transformation Journey!

zion williamson weight loss

Zion Lateef Williamson is an American professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association. Some of his fans are interested in how much weight Zion Williamson has lost, among other things. This article will help you learn more about Zion Williamson’s weight loss. Let’s find out.

Zion Williamson’s Weight Transformation

Williamson’s personal trainer, who made the offseason plan before the season started, In each article, Bibbs talked about what Williamson did to get to where he is now, including his diet, nutrition, training, injury prevention, and, of course, work on the basketball court.

Williamson started getting ready for the 2022–23 NBA season in early August by going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he would start an eight-week plan of two workouts a day.

Even though Bibbs wouldn’t say how many “two-a-days” he made Williamson do, he did tell us a lot about what a typical day was like for Williamson.

Williamson would get up before 5 a.m. and drive to Florida Atlantic University for conditioning work and a basketball workout. He would be done by 8 a.m.

Beck said that Williamson’s work day would sometimes start with a 30-minute spin class in a Hotworx studio where the temperature was 130 degrees. The goal, of course, was to burn more calories.

After a full day of eating meals made by his chef, Jhonas Lewis, drinking only water, and sleeping, Williamson would go to Nova Southeastern for a second basketball workout, finishing his day at 9 p.m.

An outline of how hard Williamson’s eight-week programme was shows how much work went into his change. The results speak for themselves.

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Zion Williamson Weight Loss?

Lewis thinks that Zion lost “7-9 Pounds Per Week” because of the new diet and the two workouts a day. “You couldn’t pay Zion to put his shirt on,” he said.

The exact weight Williamson lost or is playing at is still a secret. This may be because Williamson was made fun of for his body last year when he was recovering from a foot injury and couldn’t run or work out. But it’s clear that he’s changed his eating habits for the better.

Just don’t tell him what healthy foods he’s eating. If anyone doubts Zion’s physical change, it looks like he’d be happy to take off his short and show the proof.

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