Is Adam Driver Weight Gain For White Noise?

Noah Baumbach directed the drama film “White Noise,” which is on Netflix. It is about the family of Jack and Babette Gladney, who have to leave their Metropolis blacksmith shop when an amazing “airborne toxic event” threatens everyone’s lives.

Jack will see a toxic cloud, which is common after a Nyodene D explosion, and start to worry that he might die. Adam Driver, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Baumbach’s earlier movie “Marriage Story,” plays Jack in this movie.

The actor gives a real performance as the middle-aged professor, which helps us understand the older people around us. We were interested in how Driver changed to become Jack, so we looked into whether or not he put on weight for the movie. Here Are Our Results! Ahead are spoilers.

Is Adam Driver Gain Weight To Play Jack Gladney?

Adam Driver did gain weight so that he could play Jack Gladney in “White Noise.” After the film’s premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, the actor confirmed that it was the same. “I gained weight, and we had a spare stomach, but we didn’t need it,” Driver told the press about the event.

Even though the actor didn’t say how much weight he put on, it seems likely that he gained around 20 to 25 pounds to play Jack. Driver also wore a wig with a receding hairline and put on more weight to turn himself into the professor.

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Director Noah Baumbach says that Driver’s way of learning about weight was to drink “a lot” of beer. Baumbach told Indie Wire about the equivalent, “At Least That’s What He Told Me.” “I’m always amazed by what Adam can do and what I can give him.”

I would usually say, “Let’s not do wigs; I don’t want to get involved with all of that.” “But with this movie, I thought there was an element of performance built into the whole thing, so I thought the actors should have that too,” the director said about Driver’s commitment to doing a good job for the film’s greater good.

Driver’s heavier weight is an important part of who he is. Since Jack is a middle-aged professor whose style involves a lot of heavy food, the latter is a good example. Jack doesn’t care much about how he looks or what he looks like.

He likes to eat fried chicken for dinner, and the movie doesn’t show that he works out at all. Driver is only 39, so the actor’s change helps him play the part of a man in his late 40s or early 50s, which is what Driver is. The actor’s appearance gives Jack a real-life feel, which is a key part of making viewers care about what happens to him.

Adam Driver Lost Weight For The Silence, Buffed Up For Star Wars

A big part of how actors act today is gaining and losing weight to make their performances perfect. Driver has shown how much he cares about his characters and his work by losing a huge 51 pounds to play Francisco Garupe in Martin Scorsese’s movie “Silence.”

The actor had to go hungry so he could play a hungry priest in the movie. “How can you play Jesuit priests who were persecuted in the 17th century, you know, like eating great meals?” In an interview with W Magazine, Driver talked about how he changed to “Silence.”

Driver’s weight gain for the role of Jack isn’t the first time the actor has put on weight for a role. To play Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” the actor put on weight. People liked how determined he was to get in shape for the role.

“I didn’t have to push Adam to work hard.” All of these things drove him crazy. Simon Waterson, who trained Driver at the time, told Men’s Journal that the actor’s goal was more to slow him down.

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