7 Ways A Family Law Attorney Contributes To The Child Custody Case 

7 Ways A Family Law Attorney Contributes To The Child Custody Case 

Child custody cases are often driven by emotion. Since the outcome of the dispute can make or break the children’s lives, it needs to handle such cases with utmost care. This is the reason people prefer to hire a reputed family law attorney who can lead the legal fight and serve the best outcomes.

Colorado state family law doesn’t use the term joint or sole custody; instead, it uses parental responsibility in the case of child custody. Child custody naturally triggers strong emotions and misunderstandings between the parents. Considering this, a Denver family law attorney can assist you in many situations.

Here is a list of services that a family law attorney does during a child custody case.

1.     Educates you about the parental rights

The end of the relationship with another parent pushes you into new legal territory. You may not be familiar with the applicable laws and are uncertain about how to proceed. However, consulting with a Denver family law attorney makes it possible to develop a consciousness regarding your legal position. Proper information regarding the differences between legal and physical custody and the factor the court takes into consideration when hearing the custody issues will help you for navigating through the legal process.

2.     Estimates of child support payments

Custody always influences child support calculations. These amounts are crucial to the children’s financial well-being and comfort. The calculation considers several things, including the parent’s gross income and credits for those who pay child care and health insurance bills. When you have a Denver family law attorney at your side, you can achieve fair and accurate child support calculations. Legal representation is important to expose the hidden income or qualify for income adjustments.

3.     Prepares a legal strategy

Family courts are always determined to secure the child’s best interests while deciding custody cases. The family law attorney will strive to prepare a legal strategy that showcases how your requests align with the child’s best interests. The evidence includes:

  • An older child’s wishes.
  • Suitability of the home environment.
  • Proof of an existing emotional bond between the parent and the child.

4.     Presents concrete evidence before the court

If the child custody dispute requires court intervention, it is recommended to hire a reputed family law attorney to guide the legal process. The court will require both parties to follow different court procedures, rules of evidence, and trial rules. Concrete evidence is a crucial part of court procedures and the lawyer knows how to present that to influence the case.

5.     Guides you through the strong emotions

Child custody cases are blended with emotion, and it sometimes makes it difficult to come out of such emotional conditions. A family law attorney will ease you past the emotional episodes and prevent you from making angry, snap decisions. However, the lawyer takes unbiased decisions on how the law could apply to your case. It can help you focus on making various compromises that will positively impact the children’s lives.

6.     Lets the court know about the current condition of the child

Safeguarding the child’s best interests is the main objective of the child custody case, and to prove that, you have to present strong evidence regarding the current living conditions of the child and family bonds. The lawyer arranges this evidence for an investigation of the adequacy of the child’s housing or the status of the relationship with the family.

7.     Manage cases of domestic violence and arrange the visitation

If the children face domestic violence due to a dispute between the parents, it can influence the trial process. A Denver family attorney can bring the parent’s concerns to the court’s attention and pursue a visitation that helps balance parental rights with the child’s safety.


Child custody cases are sensitive, and they need proper representation in court since these cases largely influence the child’s life and future. So, hire a reputed lawyer who can safeguard your interests. 

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