What Is Wrong With George Lopez? Is George Lopez Sick?

Unfortunately, Hollywood has recently been plagued by health scares, as both the flu and COVID have resurged in the United States. While the majority of cases have not been alarming, a few have set the Internet on fire. This was the situation for the well-known comedian George Lopez.

During a performance on New Year’s Eve, Lopez became mysteriously ill and abruptly left the stage. Soon thereafter, his evening performance was cancelled, prompting fans’ sincere concern and well wishes. Now, approximately one week later, the celebrity has provided fans with an update on his health.

What Is Wrong With George Lopez?

George Lopez was diagnosed with advanced renal disease in 2004. His ex-wife, Ann Serrano, donated one of her kidneys to him, and he underwent kidney transplant surgery in 2005.

As a result, he is immunosuppressed and vulnerable to illness. In a previous performance, he mentioned that he lacks immunity to disease and is susceptible to illness.

Is George Lopez Sick?

George Lopez left the stage in the middle of his performance on New Year’s Eve of 2021 due to illness. Additionally, the following performances were canceled: He was reportedly diagnosed with influenza and treated by paramedics.

He then returned home to recuperate. After recuperating, he began to focus on his career. He has appeared in numerous stand-up performances and is now starring in the television series Lopez vs. Lopez. He is currently healthy and free of illness.

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