Olivia Attwood Plastic Surgery: Her Wild Transformation & How Different She’s Looked Over The Years!

Olivia Attwood Plastic Surgery
Olivia Attwood Plastic Surgery

Olivia Attwood Plastic Surgery: Everyone is thrilled to have Love Island’s favorite Olivia Attwood back on their TVs in I’m a Celebrity 2022. Too much time has passed. Many have noticed a change in Olivia Attwood’s appearance recently, and many have remarked on it, but she has made no secret of her decision to undergo a radical makeover.

Olivia Attwood had a pretty wild transformation pre her Love Island fame



Olivia has always been very forthcoming about the plastic surgery and other forms of enhancement she has undergone; she has even shared her own before and after photos, which feature striking comparisons between her pre-fame and post-fame appearances.

She had even discussed having surgery before I’m A Celebrity. What the heck, I need to get out of this jungle. See how much Olivia Attwood has changed over the years in this photo gallery.

Before she became famous on Love Island, Olivia Attwood went through a dramatic makeover.

It’s true that Olivia has undergone a dramatic transformation since 2017 when she first entered the Love Island villa, as evidenced by the many throwback photos that have surfaced since then.

Oftentimes, the photos are made or broken by the makeup styles that were used. Olivia captioned a throwback photo of herself by mocking her “no eyebrows” and reminiscing about the days when we all lived and breathed by our kohl eyeliners. Feels.

“Black kohl eyeliners choked me throughout much of my teens,” she remarked. “Here’s one for all you ‘yoU dIdn’t NEed filLers’ haters: I’ve seen more clarity in a paper cut. Take as many seats as you need. Ignore the eyebrows. This is it; it’s the last word.

Olivia has had lip filler, under-eye filler, two boob jobs, and something done on her face, as evidenced by an Instagram photo of her wearing a massive chin strap.

As time went on, news spread that she’d spent £2,500 on chin liposuction and sculpting treatment. She claims to have been getting filler for “years.”

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Her new appearance is even more startling

In early 2019, after she had left the villa, Olivia said that she had removed some of the filler from her upper lip because she had gone “too far” with her cosmetic enhancements.

She went to a cosmetic surgeon and was “convinced” to have some of her filler dissolved; afterward, she said on Instagram: “I think she’s [the doctor] so right, I’ve been having lip fillers for years, possibly five or six years.

This is something I’ve always wanted to avoid, but it’s happening: the outer corner of my mouth is starting to protrude beyond my lipline, giving me a puffy appearance.

Because we overfilled it, it now appears more attractive than before. After getting some filler removed from her lips and behind her eyes, Olivia has expressed her “excitement” to have the further treatment done.

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Apparently, she got some things done before going into the forest for her time. She allegedly got botox, had her eyebrows tinted and laminated, and used semipermanent pink lip makeup for her appearance on the show.

Olivia stated, “So, I did eyebrows, tint, and lamination, my lip blush tattooed so it looks like I’ve got a touch of lippy on it’s gone a bit too red in the sun but that’s great, better than nothing and I did botox and a facial and that’s all.”

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