8 Easy Steps: How To Reverse A TikTok Video After Recording It?

How To Reverse A TikTok Video After Recording It
How To Reverse A TikTok Video After Recording It

Do you want to watch movies on TikTok Reverse? TikTok has not yet given you the option to reverse a video on your For You page directly. But you can do the same thing if you download the movie and use the “Reverse” effect. It only takes a few simple steps. we will show you how to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android to make a TikTok movie play Reverse.

How To Reverse A TikTok Video?

  • You should first save the video to your phone or computer.
  • Tap “+” to start making a new video, then tap “Upload” to choose it.
  • Tap the clock-shaped Effects button, choose “Time,” and then tap the Reverse effect to use it.

8 Easy Steps

1. Open the TikTok app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This looks like a musical note with a black background and many different colors.

  • If you aren’t already logged in, tap login to do so now, or tap Sign up to make an account.

2. Tap +. The bottom of the screen will show this. This is how a new TikTok can be made.

Note: TikTok doesn’t have a way to reverse videos on your Following or For You page, so you’ll have to save the video and do it yourself.

3.  Tap Upload. The square to the right of the record button is this one.

4. Choose the movie you saved. Tap it when you find it in your Camera Roll or Gallery.

  • It should now play on the screen where the game is made.

5. Click on the “Effects” button. On the right side of the screen, this looks like a clock.

  • The menu for Effects will open.

6. Tap Time. In the bottom-right area, you can find this.

7.  Tap Reverse. This will be next to None on the right.

  • Your video will be reversed immediately. Keep in mind the audio will not be reversed.
  • Tap Add Sound at the top of the page to remove the music or add a sound.
  • Tap Volume in the bottom-right area or choose a sound to turn off the current sound.

8. Upload the movie if you want to. To add the movie to your account, tap Next and then Post.

  • You can add a comment, tag other people, and do other things.
  • You can tap Drafts to save your movie and post it later if you need to.

In conclusion

while TikTok currently lacks a built-in feature to reverse videos on your For You page, you can easily achieve this effect by saving the video and using the “Reverse” effect during editing. By following a few simple steps, you can create captivating TikTok movies that play in reverse, adding a unique twist to your content. For more following guides, click this page The Current Online.

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