How To Change Font Size On Snapchat (iPhone And Android)

how to change font size on snapchat
how to change font size on snapchat

Snapchat has a small number of ways to change things, like “smart” picture channels, drawing tools, and special message subtitles, all of which are meant to keep things simple. You’ll be happy to know that there is a way to get more editing options without using Snapchat, but you have to be connected to do so.

By adding the SnapColors mod by MANVIR, you’ll be able to change the size and colour of the text on your photos. This will give your Snapchat app more ways to change things.

Set up your gadget.

To set up and use SnapColors on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you’ll need the following three parts (or another Android gadget).

  • root access
  • System Xposed
  • Empowered obscure sources

Enact SnapColors

You can get SnapColors from the Xposed Module Store on the web or from the Modules section of Xposed on your device.

After installing the mod, be sure to start it up and restart your device.

Snapchat Message Variety Altering

When SnapColors is turned on, open your official Snapchat app and start snap chatting as usual. After taking a picture, add text to it. Then, in the word processor, use the volume rockers to change the colour of the text (volume up) or the setting flag (volume down) (volume down).

Snapchat Message Size Change

Enter a number between 0 and 300 in the content manager (for best results, stay between 0 and 250), then double-tap it to change the actual size of the text. Depending on the sum, the text will either get bigger or get smaller. Change the flag again and add the new words.

Enter 0 and double-tap the flag to go back to the text size that was set by default.

This hack will fill a need for those of us who want more ways to change our Snapchats.

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