Top Celebrities that Talked About Their Birth Complications

Top Celebrities that Talked About Their Birth Complications

Bringing babies into this world is not easy, and even with medical technologies today, things can still go wrong. In 2020, 861 women died from birth complications, the number only rising with every passing year. Births can be complicated, and sometimes you cannot predict the things that can go wrong.

Celebrities are no exception to this. Regardless of their fame or wealth, they go through the same biological things as us “common folk.” Even if they are famous entrepreneurs, famous singers, or movie stars, childbirth can bring fear to the hearts of the parents. Some of them even disclosed the complications, in the hopes that they could be avoided in the future.

  1. Danielle Fishel

Up to the actual birthing part, Danielle had no problems. She gave birth successfully. However, the problems started before that, in the womb. When Danielle gave birth to her son, Adler, they discovered that the newborn had fluids in his lungs.

As the child was four weeks early to term, he also had some development issues. Adler had to stay for three weeks in NICU, his parents not knowing whether he would live or die, but eventually, he pulled through.

  1. Kenya Moore

When actress Kenta Moore gave birth to her daughter, she was already 47 years old. As a result, she went through a series of complications not only during childbirth but also during her pregnancy.

Before giving birth to baby Brooklyn, Kenya had gained 17 pounds as a result of swelling, and she had also developed pre-eclampsia. She ended up going through an emergency C-section, during which she lost a lot of blood. The Real Housewives actress was very weak after the surgery, and so was the baby – but eventually, both of them made a full recovery.

  1. Jennifer Howard

When Eric Gores, the son of actress Jennifer Howard and billionaire Alec Gores, was born, certain birth complications led him to have cerebral palsy. To this day, Eric is still feeling the effects of cerebral palsy, although he refuses to let it affect his acting career.

Alec and his wife did not press charges, as the cause for the birth complication was still unclear – and if actions were taken, they were in complete privacy. In Oregon, you may sue for cerebral palsy and hire a birth injury attorney Oregon if you believed the cause was due to negligence. Unfortunately, during those times, it could not be determined.

  1. Beyoncé

For Beyoncé, childbirth was potentially life-threatening – both for her and for her child. During Sir and Rumi’s birth, Beyoncé was swollen from toxemia and had to stay in bed for a month. Any amount of effort would cause the babies to be born prematurely.

Eventually, both her health and her babies’ had slowly begun to deteriorate, causing the star to have an emergency C-section. They all ended up spending weeks in the NICU, but thankfully, the babies recovered and their lives were no longer in danger.

  1. Jade Roper

When Jade Roper gave birth to Emerson, her first daughter, things were a little bit scary. Not only was she born prematurely at 36 weeks, but doctors also discovered another complication when she gave birth. A knot formed on the umbilical cord, which could have potentially put her daughter’s life in danger.

In hindsight, in a video that she posted on social media for her fans, Roper said they were very lucky that her daughter came early into the world. Otherwise, all the blood, nutrients, and oxygen would have been cut out from her, causing her to become stillborn. Luckily, it did not come to that.

  1. Mariah Carrey

Some six months after she gave birth, Mariah revealed that during her pregnancy, she had developed gestational diabetes. As a result, she would have to go through long periods of bed rest and take numerous emergency trips to the hospital, ending up requiring an emergency C-section to bring her child into the world.

Carey said that her pregnancy was such a strain that she was afraid she would never be able to properly walk again. Everything she did require a lot of effort, and she was barely able to lift herself once she sat down. Fortunately, even after the complicated childbirth, Mariah and her baby were still able to recover.

The Bottom Line

Fame does not ensure that you are safe from birth complications. The nature of the human body is mysterious, and we should always be prepared for anything. This is why women need to get frequent prenatal checks, to prevent further complications.

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