Valorant New Agent Release Date, Origin, Abilities, Codename, And Everything We Know So Far!

valorant new agent release date
valorant new agent release date

Harbor will be Valorant’s next new Agent, and the game’s roster will grow again in Episode 5. Here’s everything you need to know about Harbor, from how his skills work to when he’ll be available.

Valorant’s team is about to get bigger again, as Harbor is about to join the fight.

Since the game went live on June 2, 2020, there have been a lot of new characters added, so players don’t have much time to rest on their laurels. Radiant Initiator Fade was the most recent person to join the fight, but that won’t be for long. Agent 21, now known as Harbor, is about to join the fight very soon.

Now that his full set of skills is known, here’s everything you need to know about the Indian Agent who can use water.

Valorant Agent 21 Release Date

Riot Games confirmed that Act 3 of Valorant Episode 5 would start on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. Major updates to the FPS shooter come out around 6 AM PT (Pacific Time) in North America, but the exact time will depend on where you live.

Still, if Riot sticks to the above schedule, here’s when NA players in these regions will get the new update:

  • Pacific Timing: 6-7 AM PDT (Tuesday, October 18th)
  • Central Timing: 8-9 AM CDT (Tuesday, October 18th)
  • Eastern Timing: 9-10 AM EDT (Tuesday, October 18th)

It’s important to know that Riot’s new updates sometimes come out a little later in the Asia-Pacific and Europe. Most of the time, these Valorant updates take about four hours to finish. So, if Riot releases the update in North America at 6 AM PT, players will be able to access the new content by 10 AM PT.

Also, the Competitive Queue will go down in all regions as soon as Riot starts rolling out the update. The game’s current status says that the Competitive Queue will end on October 18 at 7:30 PM IST, which is 7 AM PT (Pacific Timing). By going to the Act Rank tab in Valorant, players can find out when the Competitive Queue will end in their area.

There is less than a day left for players to work on their Act 2 ranks before the season ends. As soon as the update comes out, the current Battle Pass will also be taken out of the game store, so make sure to finish it before the new one starts.

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