Goldeneye Remastered For Nintendo Switch And Xbox Game Pass Announced

GoldenEye 007, a reimagining of a classic video game for the Nintendo 64. It brings back the famous British spy James Bond to the video game world.

About 25 years after it first came out for the N64, the game was shown for the first time at the September Direct event. The remake is likely to come out soon for the Nintendo Switch.

Goldeneye Remake

Later, Xbox also announced that a 4K remake of the famous action game would also be coming to the Xbox Game Pass service.

Both remakes have new features, but only the one for the Nintendo Switch can be played online with other people. This will make it possible for up to four players to compete against each other in a mode.

In a blog post, the Xbox brand, which is owned by Microsoft, talked about some of the things fans might expect to see in the remake that is being made by Rare.

The most important change will be to the game’s looks. Players will be able to play the game at resolutions ranging from its original 16:9 aspect ratio all the way up to 4K Ultra HD. Also, the developers have made sure that users will have a smooth experience with a constant rate of refreshing.

Also, the gameplay will change a bit because the game will have better control options, such as the ability to use two analog sticks.

With Xbox Game Pass, players on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles will be able to play GoldenEye 007. Those who already have a digital copy of Rare Replay will also be able to download it for free.

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