Twitter Trending: Skullgirls Content Updates And Revisions

Skullgirls Content Updates And Revisions
Skullgirls Content Updates And Revisions

Hello everybody, As many of you know, Skullgirls has a long and interesting past that has been shaped by many different people. As we think about the future of Skullgirls, we’ve thought about how choices we’ve made in the past about certain content have hurt the many things that make Skullgirls special and unique.

So, as part of our most recent round of updates on all platforms (console and mobile), we’ve chosen to change some older content to better reflect our values and our big plans for Skullgirls in the future.

Here is a summary of many of these changes and some information about why we made them.

Skullgirls Content Updates And Revisions

Here below is the list of Skullgirls Content Updates And Revisions with the official announcement on Twitter:

1. Allusions To Real-world Hate Groups​

​Even though the Renoir family and the Black Egrets were always meant to look like an oppressive militant regime, we felt that the way that came out (mostly through red armbands, flags, and other symbols) was too close for comfort, especially since some of these hate groups are still active in some ways today.

As a result, Egret troops no longer wear armbands, and the Black Egrets organization’s heraldry has also been changed. This is an all-around pass that covers in-game frames, concept art, art for story mode, and more.

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2. Character S*xualization & Agency​

Even though Skullgirls has plenty of characters who are out and proud about their s*xuality, there are also times when characters are made into fetishes or have their sexuality forced on them. This shows some unwelcome aggressive behavior, especially toward younger characters.

Skullgirls Content Updates And Revisions

Even though hints at some of this can be useful for the story, we have made a number of small changes throughout the game (like the beginning of Filia’s Story Mode) to make this content less abusive.

3. Racial Sensitivity​

There are many playful references to pulpy themes that we feel kindly allude to certain stereotypes (like the Saxploitation VO pack), but we have changed some content that we thought was in bad taste (like references to racial violence in Big Band’s Story Mode).

4. Update:

In the following update notes for each platform, you can find a full list of the changes:

In The End

We know that some people in the Skullgirls community may not agree with these changes, either because of how we decided to deal with them or because they don’t think they were problems that needed to be dealt with in the first place. Please know that all of these decisions have been carefully thought out and talked about for a long time by everyone on the production team. We don’t plan to talk about the details of these changes any further than this post.

We are sure that this will give Skullgirls a stronger base that we can all be proud of as we continue to grow and expand the world over the years.

Thank you all so much for all the help you’ve given over the years. Skullgirls’ future has never looked better, and it’s all because of you and what you’ve done to help us get where we are now.