Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules

Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules
Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules

Twitter has always been at the forefront of social media innovation, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of its users. With each new update, Twitter seeks to enhance the user experience, improve functionality, and introduce exciting features.

The Version 4.0 update is no exception, and Twitter(X) is celebrating this milestone with a special commemorative event. In this article, we will explore the event rules and what you can expect from Twitter(X) during this exciting time.

Twitter(X) Version 4.0: A Major Milestone

The Version 4.0 update is a significant leap forward for Twitter(X). It brings a host of new features, a refreshed user interface, and enhanced performance. Twitter(X) has always prided itself on being a platform that listens to its users, and this update is a direct response to user feedback and demands. To celebrate this milestone, Twitter(X) is hosting a special commemorative event, giving users the opportunity to engage and explore the new features in a fun and rewarding way.

How to Participate?

  1. Follow the official Genshin Impact Twitter(X) account (@GenshinImpact)
  2. Retweet the event post
  3. Complete the event participation requirements to receive an immediate response regarding the results on the notification bar.

Event Duration

During the event, everyone can participate in the event once per day!

Event Rules

Twitter(X) has established a set of rules for the Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update event to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all users.

Here are the key event rules you need to know:

1. Eligibility

  • To participate in the event, you must have an active Twitter(X) account.
  • The event is open to users worldwide.

2. Duration

  • The event will run for a period of two weeks, starting from [Start Date] to [End Date].

3. Participation

  • To join the event, follow Twitter(X) and look out for event-related tweets and hashtags.
  • Engage with event tweets by liking, retweeting, and commenting on them.
  • Use the official event hashtag in your tweets to be eligible for special rewards.

4. Challenges and Prizes

  • Throughout the event, Twitter(X) will announce various challenges and tasks related to the Version 4.0 update.
  • Users who successfully complete these challenges will be eligible for exciting prizes, including Twitter(X) merchandise, exclusive features, and more.
  • Prizes will be awarded based on creativity, engagement, and adherence to event rules.

5. Grand Prize

  • At the end of the event, Twitter(X) will select one lucky participant from among the most engaged users to receive the grand prize, which includes a trip to Twitter(X) headquarters and a chance to meet the development team behind Version 4.0.

6. Transparency and Fairness

  • Twitter(X) is committed to maintaining transparency throughout the event.
  • Event updates and winners’ announcements will be made regularly via Twitter(X) official channels.
  • The selection process for prizes will be fair and impartial.

7. Enjoy the Update

  • Most importantly, this event is an opportunity for users to enjoy and explore the Version 4.0 update. Share your thoughts, feedback, and experiences on Twitter(X) and be a part of the conversation.
Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules
Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules

Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Notes

  • You can participate regardless of whether you have downloaded the game or not.
  • This event is only open to: individuals who are at least 【18】 years of age or age of majority in your country of residence as of the start date of the event. If you are a minor, please get permission from your legal guardian before participating.
  • If your Twitter account is set to private, you will not be able to receive the reward information and successfully participate in the event.
  • If you do not follow Genshin Impact’s official Twitter(X) account (@GenshinImpact), you will not be able to successfully receive the reward information and receive the prize.
  • An unstable or extremely weak network may result in failure to receive the award notification.
  • This event is not open to individuals who are residents of or domiciled in countries/regions/jurisdictions of Quebec in Canada, Guatemala, Italy, Iran, Nicaragua, Portugal and any others where prize draw and/or this event is not legitimate by law;
  • Please fill in your information accurately. If the issuance of rewards fails due to incorrect information, the official Genshin Impact team will not re-issue the reward.
  • Please note that the delivery address cannot be changed after confirmation.
  • In order to provide third-party logistics services for the shipment of your prizes, we will be collecting and using personal information such as your address and contact information. The aforementioned personal information will only be used by us and the third-party shipment service provider. We will not disclose any personal information to other third parties without your prior consent.
  • A winner can only get a maximum of one award in the event.
  • If the retweet volume is too large, the server may be temporarily overloaded, and the winning results cannot be sent or may be delayed. If you do not receive the result after a certain period of time, please cancel the retweet and try retweeting it again. Enquiries regarding participation status and award results will not be accepted.
  • Please note that Genshin Impact will not be held responsible for connection problems during communication.
  • This event may be canceled or changed in case of force majeure.
  • The prizes being shipped can be subject to customs duties in accordance with local policies. In such cases, the prize winners will be required to complete customs clearance procedures as well as cover corresponding taxes incurred.
  • The costs necessary for international transfers such as administrative costs, etc. are borne by the organizer. Winners are responsible for their own tax obligations in accordance with the personal income tax policies of their country or region. The actual amount is subject to change, please refer to the laws and regulations and tax policies of your country or region.
  • You can visit the game’s official website for more information on our Privacy Policy. All personal data will be collected and used in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • This event is hosted by HoYoverse. References to third-party organizations are for informational and identification purposes only, and are not intended to imply endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation with HoYoverse or the event.
Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules
Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules

Conclusion: The Commemoration of Version 4.0 Update Twitter(X) Event Rules are designed to make this celebration a memorable and rewarding experience for Twitter(X) users worldwide. This event is not only a chance to win exciting prizes but also an opportunity to engage with the vibrant Twitter(X) community and share your enthusiasm for the latest update.

Twitter(X) Version 4.0 is set to redefine your Twitter experience, and the event rules ensure that you can make the most of this milestone. So, mark your calendars, join the event, and get ready to explore the future of Twitter(X) with the Version 4.0 update!

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