Ywuria Face Reveal: Who is the Mysterious Vtuber?

Ywuria Face Reveal
Ywuria Face Reveal

Ywuria is a renowned virtual YouTuber (Vtuber) from the Philippines who has built a devoted following through her gaming and ASMR videos.

She is also an artist, a vocalist, and the proprietor of a beauty and wellness brand. Despite her an internet celebrity, she has never revealed her true identity to the world. Who is behind the octopus avatar? Here’s all we know about Ywuria, including her facial reveal.

Ywuria Face Reveal

Ywuria has never revealed her true identity to the world, despite numerous fans’ interest and requests. She has preserved her privacy and anonymity, stating that she prefers to separate her personal and online lives. She has also stated that she enjoys being a YouTuber and creating a dream world for her viewers.

However, in November 2023, Ywuria teased a probable face reveal on her Twitter account. She captioned a selfie of herself wearing a mask and sunglasses, “Soon”. This caused a lot of excitement and intrigue among her fans, who were wondering when she would eventually show her presence.

Ywuria’s Face Reveal

However, the face reveal did not go as planned. Instead, Ywuria uploaded a video called “Face Reveal” to her YouTube channel, which turned out to be a joke. The film featured a montage of many faces, including celebrities, animals, memes, and her character. The video concluded with a message reading “Gotcha!” and a laugh.

Ywuria’s face-revealing prank received varied reactions from her admirers. Some thought it was amusing, and applauded her for teasing them. Others felt disillusioned and deceived, claiming she messed with their emotions. Some others unsubscribed from her channel and unfollowed her on social media.

Ywuria later apologized for the hoax, stating that she did not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. She explained that she intended to have fun and make a joke and that she still adores her fans. She also stated that she may expose her face in the future, but only when she is ready and comfortable.

Ywuria’s Vtubing Career

Ywuria launched her YouTube account in 2020, initially as a member of the OTAHOO Project, a group of Filipino YouTubers. She later joined Twitch and became an independent Vtuber.

She primarily broadcasts games like Minecraft, Genshin Impact, and Among Us, as well as ASMR videos. She also posts music videos and covers on her YouTube page. Her peculiar 90s anime style and crazy demeanor captivate many fans.

As of February 2024, Ywuria had over 85,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 25,000 Twitch followers. She is also very active on other social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. She refers to her admirers as Octopookies and frequently engages with them through her streams and postings.

Ywuria’s Character Design

Ywuria is an ocean-dwelling eldritch vampire octopus. She has white hair, purple eyes, and octopus arms that extend from her head. She is dressed in a white frilly bikini with white sleeves and stockings, a pink collar, and purple scales all over her body. Her eyes and scales gleam in the dark.

Ywuria’s character design evolved throughout time. She made her debut as a Vampsus Vtuber, a vampire-platypus hybrid, in October 2021. She sported brown hair, red eyes, and a platypus tail. She also had another attire that was more casual and sporty.

However, in July 2022, she stated her intention to redesign her character and teased a new vampire model. She finally changed her name to an eldritch vampire octopus in October 2023, which coincided with her second anniversary as a Vtuber.

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Ywuria is a mysterious and interesting YouTuber who has grabbed many admirers with her material and personality. She hasn’t shown her face yet, and it’s uncertain if she will. Whether she exposes her face or not, she will always have a devoted and supportive community that values her for who she is.

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