your honor season 2 release date: Cast, Plot, Trailer And More Details!

your honor season 2 release date
your honor season 2 release date

A large number of people enjoy watching crime shows. I’m sure you enjoy watching such shows, series, and films as much as I do.

Your Honor is a criminal drama series with an intriguing premise, and Bryan Cranston, who plays a judge forced to question his deepest convictions, is a Golden Globe nominee for 2021. You should try it out!

Your Honor is a television show based on the Israeli television show Kvodo. On December 6, 2020, it will air on Showtime. The show’s second season will premiere in August 2021.

Your Honor Season 2 Release Date

The second season will have ten episodes and will be released in 2022. We’ll notify you as soon as the Season 2 release date is confirmed.

Who’s In The Cast Of Your Honor?

Michael Desiato is a federal judge in New Orleans who will go to any length to defend his child.

Hunter Doohan plays Adam Desiato, the son of a New Orleans organized crime boss who is involved in a hit-and-run that kills the family’s leader’s child.

Keke Palmer, who played Gina Baxter in the original TV series, will reprise her role.
Frannie Latimer, a character in the story, is also learning to be an art dealer. They are both members of “the Unemployed,” a group of homeless alcoholics.

Benjamin “Benjy” Figaro, Michael’s best friend, is a politician with mob ties.
Finally, “The Irishman” follows Frank Costello, a notorious mobster who ruled organized crime in New York City in the 1950s and 1960s. The film will also look at his relationship with con artist Danny Greene (Stuhlbarg), who may be more to blame for his demise than anyone else.

Carmen Ejogo plays Lee Delamere, Michael’s former protege turned lawyer whom he convinces to take Kofi’s case.

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What Is The Honor Series’ Story?

Another child is killed in an accident caused by a hit-and-run driver. Michael Desiato, played by Bryan Cranston, is a bad father in New Orleans.

He reconsiders turning himself in after learning about the victim’s family history. “Adam Desiato” is a lighthearted drama about a father trying to raise his adolescent son correctly.

Adam assaults and runs over another adolescent. The judge’s attempts to conceal evidence backfire. But only for a short time!

There is currently no synopsis for Season 2. Michael will be devastated when he learns of his son’s death after Season 8 concludes.

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Your Honor Season 2 Trailer

You can watch the trailer for Your Honor Season 1 here:

Where Can I Watch Your Honor?

It is also available for a fee on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Showtime subscribers who have the Showtime add-on channel included in their subscription can also watch the series.

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